Branch like us

In a still moment I watch it move, Responding to the currents, It sways to and fro, Even further to its extreme end:   Then it becomes still for a moment, As if it has lost its drive, No more will to continue? What was this brief interruption?   Did it realise I was watching... Continue Reading →


It quenches

I feel this burning sensation in my throat, It burns so bad that nothing seems to soothe it, I feel like I am loosing my voice, I try to express myself but I cannot, Have i lost the purpose to live?:   This... is the third day, The third day in this nasty dessert, I should not have... Continue Reading →


I am proud yes, i am very proud If i give you rules, you take them as commandments you live by them and you worship them like a deity If i tell you to do something, you better take it seriously and do it I think am better than anybody and everyone you do something... Continue Reading →

Silent Abuse

tell me why i feel this empty hole in my heart why does my mouth shake and move but, no sound comes out why does it seem like i have died every time you raise you hands on me you scold me telling me am not good enough am not the right one I'm a... Continue Reading →

Death of soul

Why? why? are we so quick to give advice why do we feel we know it all why do we consider ourselves the messiah we tell people oh well do this, do that under the umbrella of it is just my opinion my God... is that not what the world calls reverse psychology push me... Continue Reading →

I want it all

I typed this literary piece on a relaxed evening, when my fingers have the need to express words and so i let it flow: oh! my love, for slam poetry, my love for the spoken words, the art, the craft, so carefully designed, connected intertwined. oh! how i wish my mouth could move, my lips... Continue Reading →

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