It has been an intriguing week for me and one of the interesting highlights is binge watching the sherlock series.

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okay, so i’ve heard of this series a while back but, didn’t actually bring myself to watch it until recently when i saw that cover. Seeing Benedict Cumberbatch on that cover made me yearn for the series and experience it in all its form. Now if you watched the imitation games some years back, you would not argue that Benedict is a phenomenal actor that acts every detail in a film that just makes you glued to your seats and just marvel at the wonders that expresses itself on your screen.

Starting Sherlock which of course starts Benedict as Sherlock had me locked down in bear minutes of it. Explicitly, it was the moment Sherlock revealed himself as this high functioning sociopath to Dr Watson- a retired military man and a doctor who eventually became his flatmate and best friend and together they continued the journey that uncovered the roots of many cases ranging from murder, ghosts, assassins, series killers and the like. the journey of the 221B baker boys

Sherlock will make you reason in a different way. it has the intrigue, the drama and importantly it is its suspense that will keep you glued to your seats. Here’s the fun yet not so fun part each season has just three episodes with the series ending in season 4 where there was a bonus episode before the season 4 began -the abominable bride. There is the speculation that the producers might want to continue with the series either way the last episode was fulfilling in every respect ‘the final problem’ where every minute is packed with exciting moments which makes me think that there might not be another but who knows lets wait and see.

so if you’ve got some free time and looking for some TV show that’s worth it- Sherlock is it

With Love




Feel the grief

You never understand pain until you feel it

you never really feel other peoples pain

or really sympathise with them

nor put yourself in their shoes when you don’t just understand

until now i have considered myself somewhat of a strong person

i hardly cry and would never shed a tear for something less trivial

okay, maybe that’s a lie

i cry, i cry a lot

but then you never know some sort of pain until you connect with it

if you consider yourself emotionally strong

well here’s a series for you ‘This is us’

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i first heard about this series on someones snap and couldn’t help but check it out

It recounts the story of a couple expecting triplets who lost one of the them and adopted another baby.

now am not going to give you spoilers here but, this i can say – every episode shows an emotional moment they brings you back to reality as you connect with these scenes. The first Season which began last year has 18 episodes and the season 2 is already scheduled for the 26th of September.

So check it out -you never know grief till you feel it

With love



Fantastic beasts and where to find them Review

Hold your horses right there

Lots and lots of spoilers ahead

not suitable for people wary of spoilers

So this film takes us on an adventure into JK Rowlings magical adventure and sci-fi world and if you’ve got a thing for Harry Potter you’ve got to watch this one.

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The films starts with Eddie Reymayne (Scamander) who travels from Britain to America on a mission. suspicious of his suitcase the customs official asks him what he has in his suitcase. the Scamander says he had nothing but clothes and before he opens the suitcase he quickly changes it from the magical world (hogworts) to normal so, it appears that he had just clothes in it. seeing this the customs official bids him a ‘welcome to America’

After leaving the port he changes it back and it appears there was a creature trying to get out. the Scamander beckons on the creature saying ‘not now’. He moves around the city and he notices a gathering of people talking about an evil spirit (an Obscurus, a dark, brooding force) that has been tormenting the city and stops to hear at that moment he ran into a man holding a similar suitcase and he unfortunately exchanges suitcases with. As this man (Mr¬†Kowalski) walked away the creature in the suitcase perceives coins and escapes. this creature known as a Niffler, is obsessed with any jewelry, coin or metal and steals as many as he finds and hides it in his belly. When the co-ordinator – a woman who runs a orphae and convices children there to believe in witches; of the gathering notices Scamander she asks him what he seeks and his opinion on the matter before he could say much scamander notices Niffler

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and runs to try to catch him but could not.

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Mr Kowlaski was already in the bank sitting and awaiting his turn when Scamander entered and stopped by security he went and sat next to Mr Kowalski. Mr Kowlaski asked him what he was doing, he (scamander) said ‘same as you’ Mr kowalski who was there to get a loan for his bakery wondered¬† the odds that someone else wanted the same thing as him. then Scamander notices the Niffler and again ran to catch him again leaving behind an egg Mr kowlaski tried to get his attention but unfortunately could not and went for the interview for a loan but unfortunately as he had no collateral so he was refused the loan.

As he left the office scamander’s egg was about to hatch, he notices and calls him, scamander already chasing the niffler sees what was about to happen and takes out his wand and magically takes them to the interior of the bank. the egg hatches and scamander tries to keep it in his own suitcase but at that time the bank manger notices Mr kowlaski and thinking he was about to rob the bank calls the security but before much could happen Scamander casted a spell on him and magically took them out of the building.

he was about to Oblivate Mr Kowalksi as he was a No-Maj (one without magic powers), Mr kowalki pushed him down and ranway again unfortunately taking the wrong suitcase. At that moment Tina who had been monitoring him all this time magically takes him away to a corner and questions him, he tells her who he was but when she discovers he couldn’t oblivate the No-Maj (Mr kolwaki) takes him to see the President of the magic world in America.

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Unfortunately Tina was dismissed after barging into their president saying her (Tina) was no longer an Auror so should not be doing that. Percival Graves who was with the president goes to Tina and asks what had happened Tina tried to explain but when they opened the suitcase they discovered it was just full of pastry and the real suitcase was with Mr Kowalski.Meanwhile another creature in Scamander’s bag escaped and attacked Mr kowalski and with his suitcase left open the entire building was in disarray.

followed by Tina, Scamander was able to detect where mr kowalski was from all the commotion geared by people outside trying to explain to the police what had happened but he quickly oblivates them and goes to the room and closes the suitcase. at that moment this building was re-ordered but Mr kowalki was still i pain. Scamnader finds the creature and hides it in his bag. Tina takes scamander and Mr kowalski to her house, where they meet her mind-reading sister Queenie to whom Mr kowalski is immediately attracted to.

After dinner instead of resting Scamander shows Mr kowalski the inside of his magically-expanded suitcase, gives him a potion that clears his pain and shows him how he rescues creatures he also convinces Mr kowalski to help him find the missing creatures.

Percival Graves instructs one of the Orphans named Credence to find the Obscurus, as he has seen the spirit is a child who is fond of Credence and in turn he will give him magical powers. He gives credence a chain with magical sense that he could press to signal him when he finds the obsure’s spirits host.

Scamander and Mr kowalski set out and re-captured the Niffler and an Erumpent (a rhino-like creature with deadly liquid in its horn) that almost killed Mr kowalki , they re-entered the suitcase, in which Tina took the suitcase to the president who was with other magical leaders in the world. As they came out of the suitcase one of them recognised scamander but as he explained his activity of caring creatures around, they arrested them, believing the recent deaths in the city was caused by one his creatures (though it was caused by an Obscurus).


While Jacob is escorted to be obliviated, Graves interrogates scamander and believes that scamander was in league with famed dark wizard. He sentences the him and Tina to death, but they escaped with the help of Queenie, who also helps Jacob escaped from the being oblivated.

Tina told scammader if he needs to rescue more creatures she knows someone who could help- a goblin gangster despite the goblins conniving ways they were able to capture the last of the creatures, returning them to the suitcase.

Credence finds a wand under his sister’s -Modesty’s bed, who he believes is the host of the Obscurus. the orphanages’ mother assumes the wand to be Credence’s, and prepares to whip him but Modesty claims it to be hers. When she is about to be whipped, the Obscurus is unleashed, destroying and killing everything in the orphanage except Modesty and Credence. Graves arrives and tells Credence that he is a person with magical ancestry but lacks the ability to perform magic and doesn’t keep his promise of teaching him magic. the upset Credence reveals that he was indeed the host, and in his rage of Grave’s betrayal and his abusive childhood, unleashes the Obscurus on the City.

Tina, who was fond of Credence attempts to calm him down along with Scamander, who tells him that he knew someone else who was prosecuted for being a wizard. Just as he begins to settle into human form, Graves interrupts the process and Credence is seemingly killed by President and her aurors, but scamander notices a shred of the Obscurus fleeing the scene thus suggesting that Credence is not dead. Graves gets angry, revealing that he was unleashing the Obscurus to reveal the magical community to the No-Majs, , in which he was tired of concealing his true nature everyday. A fight ensues between Graves and the aurors, and Graves is overpowered. Scamander, using the Revelio charm, reveals Graves to actually be Grindelwald in disguise, who is arrested. Grindelwald claims he will not be kept captive before he is taken away.

Scamander tells the president there is a way he could rid the entire city of magic and he sends his thunderbird to spread the Swooping Evil’s venom over the city which starts a rain that clears the city’s memory, while other wizards start fixing the city’s destruction by magic. However, President orders Mr kowalski’s memories of all he has witnessed erased, stating that there can be no exceptions. Queenie kisses him while his memory is being wiped and shields him from some of the rain.

Scammander leaves to Europe, and promises to return to Tina once he finishes writing his magical book and even says he would deliver the book personally, but not before he left anomalously Mr kowalski a bag of silver eggs. This, Mr Kolwalski used to open a bakery shop in which the pastry was made in form of the creatures that he remembers, but not the exact events. When Queenie visits his shop, seeing her he smiles like he had seen her before.