Sweet love

Wow! I don't actually believe it but, today is finally here. I have waited over a year for this but I am finally getting married to her. To be precise, I waited 14 months for this day to come from the day I proposed to her. I was so in love with her that I... Continue Reading →



My eyes open and they immediately become fixed on the hours of the clock. They are open in utter amasement, 8: 30 am! how is it already half 8. Like a gazelle, well, not really, I am not really that fast. However, in my head, I took the fastest step I could out of bed.... Continue Reading →

Her body

She comes straight out of the shower, Hot! steaming, wet!, Hair laid back, relaxed, falling down her shoulders, I must confess I love her like this:   Now, I love her only like this, At this moment she's calm, relaxed, She feels at peace with the world, Peace! a feeling eluding from her being in... Continue Reading →

It and her

I really cannot explain this feeling, How can I be in love with two things at the same time, Two things so unique, yet different, I cannot even begin to give them positions:   I love them both equally, I can not leave without either of them, The thought of it is mental, Besides, I... Continue Reading →


They can never find me here, In my sacred place, My little planet in the unknown, Away from all corrupted minds:   I ran away because they think i am crazy, They call me strange, They give me disappointing looks in the street when i walk back, Their giggles on the streets disturbs me,  ... Continue Reading →

How it feels

Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away, I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me. I am slipping away, Myself, my body, my being. I am losing myself into someone or something that I feel that i have no control of anything. I want you... Continue Reading →

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