Come back love

I have felt for the longest time

that i needed you

you have been my strength and yet my weakness

I have been hurt, bruised, and left wallowing in self pity

I fear the slightest thought of losing you

you have become my energy

my sun

my moon

my life

you are the water i drink, the food i eat, the breathe i take

you are life itself

the smell of spring always brings so much memories because it was the time me meet

the time you took me to that cottage of yours and i smelt what fresh mahogany crafted into furniture smelt like

anytime i walk through anywhere i feel you presence in my life

your skin

your soft skin

and your sweat or the smell of your sweat was like a strong strength

anytime i think of the times you will embrace me

with your sweat dripping down your face and touches my check

i would close my eyes, tilt my head and let it pass through my lips

oh my warrior

my prince

my source of life

where did it all go wrong

why did i let you go

why did you leave me

leave me, with this hole in my chest that is burning me so badly that i cannot help but cry cry and cry that i have lost it all

i am sitting here in the cottage

the cottage where our bodies lay

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Cake your way into my heart

A couple of days ago, it was one of my friends birthday and i decide to be a little adventurous and bake a cake. Being deficit of a mixer, i feared my little adventure would never happen. However, to my delight i ran into the recipe of a Persian love cake. it required no mixer and looked amasing, maybe setting myself it what what appear as the mission impossible food version 1.0 as i recall in the whisper to my ears ‘ that looks hard how can you do that! but hey, am Temi sarita and i like challenges and a food challenge My God! that is the best thing that could happen to me and so the journey to love cake began.

So the recipe required an hr and a half to make you might want to set out 2 give yourself breaks you should have fun while having fun too

Back me up on this one Lana del rey =D

Image result for duh gif

You will need

200g plain flour,

300 caster sugar,

2tsp baking baking powder

6 cardamon pods (couldn’t get this one, so ignore if you can’t either)

1/2 tsp cinnamon (not a rare ingredients but wasn’t in my store and i couldn’t be bothered)

1 tsp vanilla extract (i believe the essence will work too)

5 eggs (separate the egg white and yolk)

115ml vegetable oil

1 large orange, juiced and zested

150g white chocolate

150ml whipping cream

100g icing sugar

150ml Greek yogurt

pink gel food colour (again i didn’t use this)

200g raspberries

3 fresh figs (nah…)

1-2tsp dried rose petals (seriously! this is not important except you’re making this for valentine then run around the earth you must find that rose petal… ha-ha JK guys JK)

40g pomegranate seeds

butter for greasing

yes, i know what you’re thinking all these ingredients really! am done if youre thinking that then

Image result for shame shame shame gif

buckle up now you’re in for a ride

-first preheat the oven to 170 degree Celsius but seriously guys i usually just wing it anything +/- 10 degrees of that should be fine.

-grease your baking tins and line with baking paper. it’s okay if you have no baking paper tbt neither did i, so after greasing just sprinkle some flour on it and tap it out.

Now mix the flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, 200g caster sugar with a pinch of salt do it like salt bae in a large bowl set aside

Image result for salt bae gif

-in another bowl whisk the egg white until foamy then add the remaining sugar and whisk till it’s shinny and glossy.

-separate bowl again, (yeah you need a couple of bowls) whisk the egg yolk, oil, orange juice until creamy.

-now make a well in the flour mixture and pour in the yolk mixture orange zest and beat till smooth. then fold in the egg white mixture in

-divide mixture into your balking tins and bake for 35 mins

-now take a break

Image result for break gif or not your call

-while this is baking, melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over simmering water then spread on the back of an oiled baking tray and set aside to cool

-once cool, you can run a cheese plane over it to make coils, i ain’t got no cheese plane so i used a knife and made shavings instead.

-now mix the cream with 2tbsp icing sugar until soft peaks appear and stir in the yogurt

-in a separate bowl mix the icing sugar and few drops of water until you have a thick mixture

-when your cake is ready cool for 5-10 minutes and turn to a rack to cool completely


then its assembly time

if you have one cake layer just cut into two horizontally to place the filling

top with some whipped ceam mixture and some crushed raspberry

for the final top pour the icing mixture and decorate with raspberry pomegranate, chocolate shredding/curls


and your love cake is done!

With love