Sensations of Pain

Have you ever smelt it? Flashing back and forth through your nostrils, Leaving a blockage in them, Making you forget how to breathe:     Have your eyes reflected its nature? Getting red like an organ filled with blood, With no resemblance to that of a human, Flowing uncontrollably with tears:   Have you felt... Continue Reading →


Painful Joy

It was very obvious now, From the early stage of her protruding belly, She had already gotten the questions, Are you due soon?   But this day seemed different, She was in a good mood, Going about her business grinning from ear to ear, Without worrying about her delivery:   Then it all changed, She... Continue Reading →

Patience or foolishness

You work me up so much, sometimes, I feel┬álike am under a spell Under your spell I spell that can never be broken (sigh...) So, I have to live with it You are harsh with your words As they cut into my being so deeply I have believed so much in you That sometimes, I... Continue Reading →

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