Her body

She comes straight out of the shower, Hot! steaming, wet!, Hair laid back, relaxed, falling down her shoulders, I must confess I love her like this:   Now, I love her only like this, At this moment she's calm, relaxed, She feels at peace with the world, Peace! a feeling eluding from her being in... Continue Reading →


It and her

I really cannot explain this feeling, How can I be in love with two things at the same time, Two things so unique, yet different, I cannot even begin to give them positions:   I love them both equally, I can not leave without either of them, The thought of it is mental, Besides, I... Continue Reading →

It quenches

I feel this burning sensation in my throat, It burns so bad that nothing seems to soothe it, I feel like I am loosing my voice, I try to express myself but I cannot, Have i lost the purpose to live?:   This... is the third day, The third day in this nasty dessert, I should not have... Continue Reading →

Aluta continua

It is the first day of my journey, Like the average person in my position i was glad, fulfilled, Emotions running through my heart, Illuminated through the shimmer in my face,   Who would not be glad in my position, New country, new air, New people, new characteristics, Everything was different:   They spoke so... Continue Reading →


They can never find me here, In my sacred place, My little planet in the unknown, Away from all corrupted minds:   I ran away because they think i am crazy, They call me strange, They give me disappointing looks in the street when i walk back, Their giggles on the streets disturbs me,  ... Continue Reading →

How it feels

Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away, I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me. I am slipping away, Myself, my body, my being. I am losing myself into someone or something that I feel that i have no control of anything. I want you... Continue Reading →

Resort chronicles

It was that one joyful afternoon when i got the good news.  Fantastic i said, finally i won. I could hear the clap and the cheering from others, which filled my soul with so much happiness. I went home feeling on top of the world. I can not help myself but realise that subdued smile... Continue Reading →

Mirror tales

He is now of age, Grown with so much strength and wisdom, At the sound of his feet everyone trembles, Because they can tell it is he who comes:   A man in everyone's eyes, With a voice everyone is beckoned to respond to, You can not and dare not refute his statement else you face the wrath... Continue Reading →

Free at touch

Sometimes I crave her so much that, I can not wait for her to touch my skin, Any time I am indoors, I miss her with every sweat that touches my tongue:   Still with it's salty feeling, I am still reminded of how salt less my life is without her, I wipe the sweat... Continue Reading →

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