Life is Eazi

Okay, if you have not heard about Mr Eazi Then, i don’t know where you at. You need to get linked up right now. Mr Eazi is an afro-pop artist and has been recently placed as Apple’s next rated artist. He recently performed in James Corden late night show and is currently making waves with gig after gig.

I got to learn about Mr Eazi from his hit single hollup. he has since then released numerous tracks that have been hits leading to debuting his first album -life is Eazi.

here is a playlist of my favourite songs from him and if you’re not a fan of afropop/afrobeat yet, then this might just change your mind


With love





It feels so easy for people to wake up  and start asking

why don’t i have it yet?

i need this now!

i don’t have this and that

why is my life the same?

but then we forget

to count our blessings and recognise the value of what we already have


so you want a car, a house maybe and all that life’s luxury

but then again

you woke up today didn’t you?

this brings me back to quote i came across from Amanda Torroni’s book which i haven’t read yet titled ‘stargazing at noon’

“remember yesterday when you swore you wouldn’t make it through you woke up this morning didn’t you”
yeah you woke up this morning didn’t you.
I don’t want to be a little cliche here but when there’s life there’s hope. you might not have everything you desire but be grateful for what you have.
in other news i figured i haven’t shared any songs lately but as you get on with your days activities why dont you plug on this one from Soule titled goodlife


With love

Music is it

Music to me is more than mere words, it is the extreme melody crafted, melody that echoes in my head and releases endorphin and sets me in euphoria


I really can’t believe the month of May is gradually coming to an end and we’re already 5 month into this year. wow

nevertheless, this year ass a whole has been blessed with tremendous songs that when you just hear it, you feel it here’s my top 20 songs so far

disclaimer: considering i did a sampling of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album i’ll be excluding that from this list. if you missed it clicked here

  1. Liam Payne- Strip that down feat. Quavo

2. DJ khaled – I’m the one feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the rapper, lil wayne

3. J Hus – Did you see

4. Future- Mask off

5. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil wayne – No frauds

6- French Montana- Unforgettable feat Swae

7- Wizkid – Come closer

8. Chris Brown -Privacy

9. Migos -Slippery feat. Gucci Mane

10. XXXTENTACION – Look at me

11. Lady Leshurr -Juice

12. Charlie Puth – Attention

13. Luis Fonsi, Dddy Yankee- Despacito feat. Justin Bieber

14. Starley – Call on Me

15. Travis Scott – Goosebumps feat. kendrick lamar

16. Omarion- Distance

17. – Fiyah

18. Haim- want you back

19. Zedd, Alessia Cara- Stay

20. Future, Rihanna selfish

With Love



DAMN- Kendrick Lamar

Hip-hop lovers where you at!!! Yes, if you are into hip-hop music, you must have heard about Kendrick Lamar’s new album ‘DAMN’. i personally like Kendrick’s rap and i think he’s a person that is truly dedicated to the crafts. so, what do you think, does it has that wow effect? do you feel you like some songs and not so much the others?

Well, here i will be sampling the songs in the album to have a feel of it

Image result for kendrick lamar damn cover

1. Blood– okay, this song is only 1:58 minutes but its the perfect intro to the entire album and its got spoken words to it, what more could you ask for the perfect intro

2. DNA– this one, is one of my favourites, complete rap and it was produced by Mike will made it, words, cannot i repeat words cannot explain the greatness of the song.

3. Yah– okay, this one is pretty chill maybe not exactly my taste but i guess its alright

4. Element– this one is just that song that just grows on you without you realising once Kendrick starts his verse its bang all through.

5. Feel– again, this one i didn’t really feel it initially, like the title i thought i would feel this song straight away but the rhythm hasn’t yet sychronised with me

6. Loyalty– i really expected more from this song i mean it has Rihanna featured in it come on…

7. Pride- okay this one gave me that soul music feel with a mixture of hip hop

8. Humble -OMG this song will literally wake you up right from the first second it flows perfectly till the last second

9.  Lust– again if you’re that soul music lover with a quest for the pop this might just be what you need

10. Love– okay, i really like this one Zacari added this special touch to the sound that just places the pieces together

11. XXX- well… okay maybe not the best for the first 20sec then its changes, not bad, not bad

12. Fear– soul lovers Kendrick got you

13. God– this one is okay but not the best yet

14- Duckworth– for the last song i expected more i really did


With love