Spices with life

When they say salt and pepper are two essential ingredients, to make any dish taste and you know feel good on your tastes buds. I think about the salt and pepper in my life. You see, salt is that thing you have to add to give food taste and pepper you add to give it... Continue Reading →


Seven times a mother

It is an another morning and my alarm goes off i turn around and turn it off with a smile because it has again not failed in waking me up, at the right time. what time is it you ask, well it is 4a.m before you go around wondering why is she awake by this... Continue Reading →


I was watching one of Ralph smart's videos on YouTube, an amasing guy with so much energy. I'll insert a link to his page at the end. But then, something he said: Fine- Fed-up, Insecure, Emotional and Neurotic got me thinking. when we say 'i am fine' do we really mean it. Fine has become... Continue Reading →


I am proud yes, i am very proud If i give you rules, you take them as commandments you live by them and you worship them like a deity If i tell you to do something, you better take it seriously and do it I think am better than anybody and everyone you do something... Continue Reading →

Life is a pot of beans

they say life is beautiful they say life is hard they say life is what you make of it well, this might be one of the realest comments yet but what does this actually mean are we truly the author of our destiny or are we doomed to end up a certain way regardless do... Continue Reading →

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