Lover’s touch

It was a beautiful moment, When their eyes met, He gazing on her big beautiful eyes, She startled by the continuous looks he gave her,   This was were it started, The connection of pupils that set their souls on fire, It was a magical scene, An eye communication sparkling butterflies in their belies:  ... Continue Reading →


His Grin

This man is quite unique, He has got beauty in his eyes, They sparkle as bright as the white tulips, You can almost say they represent purity:   When she looks at him like this, She likes to think that he is pure, You can almost tell that he is happy, From the way his eyes beam:... Continue Reading →

Gone but felt

Anytime she tastes something bitter, It leaves a burning sensation in her tongue, Reaching the back of her mouth, Straight down her throat:   This is not the first time she feels like this, A feeling that reminds her, Of the unfortunate incident, Her worst memory:   Still, she acts strong to the world, Each... Continue Reading →

She feels

High, low and high again, Bring her back, her soul is not here, Lost in an oblivion, Watching her movements:   Bobbing her head, Shaking her feet, Circulating her tiny waist in stationary motion, Slowly her eyes closes:   Every sound uplifting her spirit, It is taking her higher and higher, She opens her eyes... Continue Reading →


    Anomalisa is a film that has intrigued me. It is an animation but there is nothing so animated about it. Of course, the characters are animated but the manner, the way, the portrayal of the film is so real that you might even get lost and forget you are watching an animation. But... Continue Reading →

Sweet love

Wow! I don't actually believe it but, today is finally here. I have waited over a year for this but I am finally getting married to her. To be precise, I waited 14 months for this day to come from the day I proposed to her. I was so in love with her that I... Continue Reading →


My eyes open and they immediately become fixed on the hours of the clock. They are open in utter amasement, 8: 30 am! how is it already half 8. Like a gazelle, well, not really, I am not really that fast. However, in my head, I took the fastest step I could out of bed.... Continue Reading →

Rambling mind

Why are they so mean? Why are they so selfish? Why don't they have a mind of their own? Why do they like to follow what every one says?   Why can they not have their own opinion? Why do they hide under the shadows of others? Why do they claim to be brave but... Continue Reading →

It and her

I really cannot explain this feeling, How can I be in love with two things at the same time, Two things so unique, yet different, I cannot even begin to give them positions:   I love them both equally, I can not leave without either of them, The thought of it is mental, Besides, I... Continue Reading →

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