His Grin

This man is quite unique, He has got beauty in his eyes, They sparkle as bright as the white tulips, You can almost say they represent purity:   When she looks at him like this, She likes to think that he is pure, You can almost tell that he is happy, From the way his eyes beam:... Continue Reading →


Sensations of Pain

Have you ever smelt it? Flashing back and forth through your nostrils, Leaving a blockage in them, Making you forget how to breathe:     Have your eyes reflected its nature? Getting red like an organ filled with blood, With no resemblance to that of a human, Flowing uncontrollably with tears:   Have you felt... Continue Reading →


Dazzling like the rhythmic waists of dancers, It is red, hot and means business, Moving itself in fluid motion, You can tell it has got moves:   A flame with so much vigour, Yet restricted in position, Caged by the bamboo woods, Still allowing its expression:   So it circles in place, Illuminating from the... Continue Reading →

Sweet love

Wow! I don't actually believe it but, today is finally here. I have waited over a year for this but I am finally getting married to her. To be precise, I waited 14 months for this day to come from the day I proposed to her. I was so in love with her that I... Continue Reading →

Teenage beauty

Joy, happiness and tranquillity, The many things I have always wanted, Spread all around me, Beaming from the sparkle in my eyes, to the simmer in my skin:   Words I have always wanted to hear, You look beautiful, You are gorgeous, There is just something special about you:   They can never tell how... Continue Reading →


My eyes open and they immediately become fixed on the hours of the clock. They are open in utter amasement, 8: 30 am! how is it already half 8. Like a gazelle, well, not really, I am not really that fast. However, in my head, I took the fastest step I could out of bed.... Continue Reading →

Aluta continua

It is the first day of my journey, Like the average person in my position i was glad, fulfilled, Emotions running through my heart, Illuminated through the shimmer in my face,   Who would not be glad in my position, New country, new air, New people, new characteristics, Everything was different:   They spoke so... Continue Reading →

Spices with life

When they say salt and pepper are two essential ingredients, to make any dish taste and you know feel good on your tastes buds. I think about the salt and pepper in my life. You see, salt is that thing you have to add to give food taste and pepper you add to give it... Continue Reading →

Mirror tales

He is now of age, Grown with so much strength and wisdom, At the sound of his feet everyone trembles, Because they can tell it is he who comes:   A man in everyone's eyes, With a voice everyone is beckoned to respond to, You can not and dare not refute his statement else you face the wrath... Continue Reading →

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