Visible change

It started very slowly, Gradually her mood began to change, The person they once knew, Became a fragment of their imagination:   The change was so apparent, The visible signs were there, They echoed amongst themselves, That she now carries the same body with a replaced soul:   She was the light of the party, The one... Continue Reading →


Sensations of Pain

Have you ever smelt it? Flashing back and forth through your nostrils, Leaving a blockage in them, Making you forget how to breathe:     Have your eyes reflected its nature? Getting red like an organ filled with blood, With no resemblance to that of a human, Flowing uncontrollably with tears:   Have you felt... Continue Reading →


Dazzling like the rhythmic waists of dancers, It is red, hot and means business, Moving itself in fluid motion, You can tell it has got moves:   A flame with so much vigour, Yet restricted in position, Caged by the bamboo woods, Still allowing its expression:   So it circles in place, Illuminating from the... Continue Reading →

Underdog thoughts

Smelling thick wood and nasty bamboo stems, Sweating for fun as the hot sun tans my skin, Passing through the petrifying smell of bosses, Full of arrogance covering you with fear:   Walking with my physical head low, Yet, the internal one held high, Striving to escape to this excruciating life, That I was born in:... Continue Reading →

She feels

High, low and high again, Bring her back, her soul is not here, Lost in an oblivion, Watching her movements:   Bobbing her head, Shaking her feet, Circulating her tiny waist in stationary motion, Slowly her eyes closes:   Every sound uplifting her spirit, It is taking her higher and higher, She opens her eyes... Continue Reading →

Branch like us

In a still moment I watch it move, Responding to the currents, It sways to and fro, Even further to its extreme end:   Then it becomes still for a moment, As if it has lost its drive, No more will to continue? What was this brief interruption?   Did it realise I was watching... Continue Reading →

Inner concerns

At this point she has given up, She is tired of the perversity, The sweet deceptive comment that she gets, Only to trap her innocence:   For years she has believed all he told her, Sealed in his wedding vows, Repeated on a daily, 'You are beautiful in my eyes':   When in fact the same... Continue Reading →

It quenches

I feel this burning sensation in my throat, It burns so bad that nothing seems to soothe it, I feel like I am loosing my voice, I try to express myself but I cannot, Have i lost the purpose to live?:   This... is the third day, The third day in this nasty dessert, I should not have... Continue Reading →

Aluta continua

It is the first day of my journey, Like the average person in my position i was glad, fulfilled, Emotions running through my heart, Illuminated through the shimmer in my face,   Who would not be glad in my position, New country, new air, New people, new characteristics, Everything was different:   They spoke so... Continue Reading →

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