His Grin

This man is quite unique, He has got beauty in his eyes, They sparkle as bright as the white tulips, You can almost say they represent purity:   When she looks at him like this, She likes to think that he is pure, You can almost tell that he is happy, From the way his eyes beam:... Continue Reading →


Underdog thoughts

Smelling thick wood and nasty bamboo stems, Sweating for fun as the hot sun tans my skin, Passing through the petrifying smell of bosses, Full of arrogance covering you with fear:   Walking with my physical head low, Yet, the internal one held high, Striving to escape to this excruciating life, That I was born in:... Continue Reading →

Branch like us

In a still moment I watch it move, Responding to the currents, It sways to and fro, Even further to its extreme end:   Then it becomes still for a moment, As if it has lost its drive, No more will to continue? What was this brief interruption?   Did it realise I was watching... Continue Reading →


It has been a rough patch, The life I have lived through, Getting momentum into the person I am becoming To the experiences I have had:   The people that have touched my life, From their soothing words, To their burning comments, That feels like fire on the tongue:   Through thorns and damages, That... Continue Reading →

Inner concerns

At this point she has given up, She is tired of the perversity, The sweet deceptive comment that she gets, Only to trap her innocence:   For years she has believed all he told her, Sealed in his wedding vows, Repeated on a daily, 'You are beautiful in my eyes':   When in fact the same... Continue Reading →


It feels so easy for people to wake up and start questioning themselves, Why don't I have it yet? I need this now! I don't have this and that, Why is my life the same? but then we forget To count our blessings and recognise the value of what we already have okay So you... Continue Reading →

It quenches

I feel this burning sensation in my throat, It burns so bad that nothing seems to soothe it, I feel like I am loosing my voice, I try to express myself but I cannot, Have i lost the purpose to live?:   This... is the third day, The third day in this nasty dessert, I should not have... Continue Reading →

Spices with life

When they say salt and pepper are two essential ingredients, to make any dish taste and you know feel good on your tastes buds. I think about the salt and pepper in my life. You see, salt is that thing you have to add to give food taste and pepper you add to give it... Continue Reading →

Resort chronicles

It was that one joyful afternoon when i got the good news.  Fantastic i said, finally i won. I could hear the clap and the cheering from others, which filled my soul with so much happiness. I went home feeling on top of the world. I can not help myself but realise that subdued smile... Continue Reading →

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