It feels so easy for people to wake upĀ  and start asking

why don’t i have it yet?

i need this now!

i don’t have this and that

why is my life the same?

but then we forget

to count our blessings and recognise the value of what we already have


so you want a car, a house maybe and all that life’s luxury

but then again

you woke up today didn’t you?

this brings me back to quote i came across from Amanda Torroni’s book which i haven’t read yet titled ‘stargazing at noon’

“remember yesterday when you swore you wouldn’t make it through you woke up this morning didn’t you”
yeah you woke up this morning didn’t you.
I don’t want to be a little cliche here but when there’s life there’s hope. you might not have everything you desire but be grateful for what you have.
in other news i figured i haven’t shared any songs lately but as you get on with your days activities why dont you plug on this one from Soule titled goodlife


With love


Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away,

I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me.

I am slipping away,

myself, my body, my being.

I am losing myself into someone or something that

I feel that i have no control of anything.

I want you so bad that sometimes i feel that i can do anything for you

I need that possession so badly that i feel that i can leave anything for it

It feels so horrible when you find yourself in a situation when

you cannot no longer control your own thoughts

your own actions

when you want to make a decision

and you cannot do it alone

when you put someone else before you

when you are second and even third place in things that matter to your life.


Hello there,

I am self-respect and those who lose me experience these things

They lose themselves into other experiences

They do things for people to please them

They do things for people for what they can get from them

or what they feel things people can do for them

they take advantage of people and

they are taken advantage of

they are not in control of their thoughts nor actions

what they previously considered as colours then become black and white

they gradually become deceived into thinking the things they loved

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Love me by my heart

They say love is a beautiful thing which it indeed is or at least can be. So, why then are people prejudice in who they love or choose to love. People generally tend to classify individuals in two classes tagged ‘black’ and white’ based on their skin colour. It beats me when let’s say a black guy will say ‘oh i prefer to be with a white girl’ or a white girl saying oh i prefer a chocolate guy’ what in the world is chocolate anyway. Image result for i wonder gifs

Let’s not even talk about the racial myopic individuals who say it must i repeat ‘must’ be a man/woman from my tribe which i think is just crazy and sad.

While writing this i can consider several factors affecting this subject such as:

Culture– it may happen, that you are from certain parts of the world where it is ‘forbidden’ to be with someone from another tribe or race and out of fear join in to the outcry of ‘your people’ exclaiming that you can only marry people from your place. This tradition, in places it still exists i just shake my head because it is ‘so stupid’ in all ramifications. why in the world will you be prevented from pursuing the love that your heart desires simply because it is what my culture demands. when you ask these people the reasons for such traditions they say

‘yes you see, our culture has this religion, this believe, and we cannot accept someone from a different believe coming in to influence or destroy what we have build and have believed in for centuries’.

okay, that, i understand can be hard but, don’t you think it is up to the two individuals involved to decide if they can cope with these issues, can’t they reach an understanding and do they have ground rules that it is mutually agreeable to counter future concerns. these are the kinds of questions to be asked not a solid no and the topic like its some kind of deadly disease to stay away from.

Discrimination and stereotypes: Basically, Mr A is from AAA and they are all selfish people in AAA so, Mr A must be selfish too, without giving him a chance you conclude that you cannot be with him. Miss B is from BBB, is from a rich family and Mr Bb is also from BBB but from a poor family the moment Miss B finds out he is poor that the end, she stops seeing him. Miss B here has been selfish and already tagged him as a ‘gold digger’ not in my social class/league’ which might not be the case however, it is also possible that Mr Bb finds out she is rich and maneuvers his way just to get his hands on her money, to be fair this class of people are just pitiful

Image result for smh gifs

Personal ulterior motives: So, you might want someone because they are a particular skin colour because you feel that tribe/race will give you more opportunities so, you go in and befriend that random person to attain your selfish goal. people in this group do you ever reason how dumb you sound and think. or a ‘black girl’ saying a prefer i a ‘white man’ because i think am too dark and getting married to a black man will make my children even darker. Don’t get me wrong here, have your preferences but do not base them on unimportant things that has zero effect, so what if you have darker or whiter children- beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

i know people will read this and still continue with their way of life, i think love is characterised by happiness, peace and devoid of deceit and ulterior motives. i also know, people will argue that they can make their own happiness and its nobody’s business who they want or they reasons behind it. of course its nobody’s business whatever, makes you sleep well at night. however i say love should not be judged by the colour of your skin or marred by culture, personal gains or stereotypes.

love me by my heart and not my skin colour

With Love