I saw her

Sweet sugar! I quietly exclaimed to myself, You have to look at this with me, Who is this that radiates so much light:   Her skin caught my attention, She looked so pure, Don't you dare compare her to anything, Her beauty is second to no one:   Skin so spotless, Almost like she has been... Continue Reading →


It is Rocky

Forming connections at every corner, With their numerous shapes, The rough and coarseness you feel when you touch them, Is a reflection of their strength:   These species are very strong, Embodying a kind of strength that speaks for itself, Try use one of them to hurt a living creature, The pain they will feel displays their... Continue Reading →


Dazzling like the rhythmic waists of dancers, It is red, hot and means business, Moving itself in fluid motion, You can tell it has got moves:   A flame with so much vigour, Yet restricted in position, Caged by the bamboo woods, Still allowing its expression:   So it circles in place, Illuminating from the... Continue Reading →

Underdog thoughts

Smelling thick wood and nasty bamboo stems, Sweating for fun as the hot sun tans my skin, Passing through the petrifying smell of bosses, Full of arrogance covering you with fear:   Walking with my physical head low, Yet, the internal one held high, Striving to escape to this excruciating life, That I was born in:... Continue Reading →

Painful Joy

It was very obvious now, From the early stage of her protruding belly, She had already gotten the questions, Are you due soon?   But this day seemed different, She was in a good mood, Going about her business grinning from ear to ear, Without worrying about her delivery:   Then it all changed, She... Continue Reading →

Gone but felt

Anytime she tastes something bitter, It leaves a burning sensation in her tongue, Reaching the back of her mouth, Straight down her throat:   This is not the first time she feels like this, A feeling that reminds her, Of the unfortunate incident, Her worst memory:   Still, she acts strong to the world, Each... Continue Reading →


I am overjoyed to be out, Out of that slum and their nasty food, The one that runs your stomach, That is if you can beat the battalion and get any food:   I feel so elated to be here, The house is lovely, With a big and comfortable bed, The kind that relaxes your... Continue Reading →

She feels

High, low and high again, Bring her back, her soul is not here, Lost in an oblivion, Watching her movements:   Bobbing her head, Shaking her feet, Circulating her tiny waist in stationary motion, Slowly her eyes closes:   Every sound uplifting her spirit, It is taking her higher and higher, She opens her eyes... Continue Reading →

Branch like us

In a still moment I watch it move, Responding to the currents, It sways to and fro, Even further to its extreme end:   Then it becomes still for a moment, As if it has lost its drive, No more will to continue? What was this brief interruption?   Did it realise I was watching... Continue Reading →

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