Sweet love

Wow! I don't actually believe it but, today is finally here. I have waited over a year for this but I am finally getting married to her. To be precise, I waited 14 months for this day to come from the day I proposed to her. I was so in love with her that I... Continue Reading →



My eyes open and they immediately become fixed on the hours of the clock. They are open in utter amasement, 8: 30 am! how is it already half 8. Like a gazelle, well, not really, I am not really that fast. However, in my head, I took the fastest step I could out of bed.... Continue Reading →

How it feels

Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away, I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me. I am slipping away, Myself, my body, my being. I am losing myself into someone or something that I feel that i have no control of anything. I want you... Continue Reading →

Resort chronicles

It was that one joyful afternoon when i got the good news.  Fantastic i said, finally i won. I could hear the clap and the cheering from others, which filled my soul with so much happiness. I went home feeling on top of the world. I can not help myself but realise that subdued smile... Continue Reading →

Money or murder

Sometimes i flashback to the two week after that moment happened. Imagine, i, a graduate of petroleum engineering from the most reputable institutions in the country was working as an office assistant in a printing company. before you start talking, wait, can you blame me? I searched and searched for a job for months and... Continue Reading →

Seven times a mother

It is an another morning and my alarm goes off i turn around and turn it off with a smile because it has again not failed in waking me up, at the right time. what time is it you ask, well it is 4a.m before you go around wondering why is she awake by this... Continue Reading →


I was watching one of Ralph smart's videos on YouTube, an amasing guy with so much energy. I'll insert a link to his page at the end. But then, something he said: Fine- Fed-up, Insecure, Emotional and Neurotic got me thinking. when we say 'i am fine' do we really mean it. Fine has become... Continue Reading →

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