Alright if you haven't watched this movie you need to. These were my highlights When Eilis left Ireland, got on a train to Brooklyn, got seasickness andĀ  defecated in a bucket because she was locked out of the toilet. Eilis dinning every night with the traditionalist landlady and her fellow residents in the Irish boarding... Continue Reading →


Me before you review

If you're like me and saw the trailer of this film months ago, you must have been excited as it stars the 2015 Esquire's sexiest woman alive- Emilia Clarke. You might call her by her popular name from her character in the TV series game of thrones - Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of dragons) and might... Continue Reading →

Love and friendship review

A 2016 British film in an 18th century setting based on the novel 'lady Susan' by Jane Austen produced by Katie Holly and Lauranne Bourrachot TheĀ  film was set at three locations Longford, Churchill and Edward street London. It starts with the words Langford, Langford if only it hadn't being Langford how happy we might... Continue Reading →

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