Feel the grief

You never understand pain until you feel it

you never really feel other peoples pain

or really sympathise with them

nor put yourself in their shoes when you don’t just understand

until now i have considered myself somewhat of a strong person

i hardly cry and would never shed a tear for something less trivial

okay, maybe that’s a lie

i cry, i cry a lot

but then you never know some sort of pain until you connect with it

if you consider yourself emotionally strong

well here’s a series for you ‘This is us’

Related image

i first heard about this series on someones snap and couldn’t help but check it out

It recounts the story of a couple expecting triplets who lost one of the them and adopted another baby.

now am not going to give you spoilers here but, this i can say – every episode shows an emotional moment they brings you back to reality as you connect with these scenes. The first Season which began last year has 18 episodes and the season 2 is already scheduled for the 26th of September.

So check it out -you never know grief till you feel it

With love




Lesson from Steve Jobs

Image result for steve jobs movie coverOkay, so we all know the business maven himself, the guru, the brain behind Apple, the device people globally now use. So, i happen to watch his biographical film entitled ‘Steve Jobs’ and although i was a bit let down that the film did not start from his childhood because i would have loved to see what what Mr Jobs was like as a child. Nevertheless, it would only be fair to acknowledge that the film was made to explore the rise of the ‘Apple brand’ which was done very well. Once i got into the film i was able to appreciate the laudable and and tremendous performance of the actors and the screen play of the film. Above other things i could draw one essential lesson from the film which cannot be overemphasized

“When you fall you have not broken your leg completely and so you should not stop walking. look closely its only a mere bruise, wipe it off, put on a plaster, a bandage and keep on moving because the journey has just began.” -Temi_sarita

So Steve jobs started Apple 2.0

he drooped out of college and started this amazing company in an era when there were already giants in the digital market. He had big dreams, dreams that the company would survive and become the best anyone could think of. But, yea things happen and Apple was not doing well, their stocks dropped and they were having minimum sales, things which put the company in a compromising situation that made the board fire Jobs from the company. Now look at it from this angle a company that you started, your dream, your world taken away from you just like that. I don’t know but am not even Jobs but i feel the blow and its like a hole in chest that bleeds so bad that i cannot control. that,, would have been the end for most people but, no Jobs didn’t see that as the end he rose again and started another company ‘ next- the black cube’ event though he lacked some expertise and his ambitions he was told was too much and that the apple company was too big for him to fight he keep on going and this new company became successful. so much so that almost a decade later he was reinstated in Apple.

today when you think Apple you i think Steve Jobs.

With love



Me before you review

If you’re like me and saw the trailer of this film months ago, you must have been excited as it stars the 2015 Esquire’s sexiest woman alive- Emilia Clarke. You might call her by her popular name from her character in the TV series game of thrones – Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of dragons) Image result for daenerys targaryen

and might have been intrigued by the fascinating shift from portraying this strong warrior queen – Khaleesi to this young laid back simple girl who sacrifices her youth to help out her family.

Image result for louisa clark

On the other hand is a man who has got it all – money, power, is good at almost everything and got a finance. suddenly that life is taken away from him when he is involved in a bike accident. this man known as William traynor ends up quadriplegic after the accident.

Quadriplegia – “one affected with paralysis of both arms and both legs”

From Merriam Webster dictionary

Image result for will traynor

Two years have passed since the accident and Mr traynor wants to end his life but after his parents plead with him he gives them six months. His mother decides to hire someone to look after him. Emilia clarke who portrays Louisa clark in this film has just been laid off a bakery she has been working in for six years of her life. she goes to the job agency and is informed of the job to care for Will. she then after been dressed up in an outfit she considers a fashion sense of the 80’s by her mother heads to the trainers house. she is interviewed by Will’s mother and despite her display of no future endeavors is given the job and is introduced to Will. Will tries to scare her off by pretending to have impaired speech. Louisa however is interested in getting enough money to help her family and so endures Will’s cold attitude towards her. until…

Few weeks into the job Will’s ex-girlfriend and his best friend visit him informing him that they are getting married. after they left the outraged will pushes the picture he had of him and his ex. Louisa on hearing the noise of the picture breaking rushes and tries to mend them. later when Will sees this, he tells her that breaking them was not accidentally and tells her to mind her business. The frustrated Louisa informs him not to be so suck up and allow her do her job and that she is only here to get money to help out her family. shortly after that Will changes his character towards her, makes her watch a film with him and gets to know about her not so interesting life and her sports-man boyfriends whom he calls- running man. the story takes a different turn wen louIsa finds out she is on a suicide watch and Will is planing to end is life soon. she then tries everything to make sure is sees what he could be missing in life. she takes him to concerts, sport events trips, despite this Will’s mind was made up at this point Louisa found herself falling for will and her boyfriend who was there but wasn’t really concerned about her and talking all about running didn’t know much about her. they silt up when he found out she was accompanying Will on a trip.

Image result for me before you

at the end Will still went on with his plan but leaves Louisa a letter informing her to go the Paris, get a fancy perfume and enjoy life with the fortune he has willed to her.

so here i am thinking the story could have easily followed the predictable .. oh Will sees her love for him and decides to live; but the story makes us realise that these things happen. more so if not for the situation Will was in, their paths might have never crossed or even more he as Louisa pointed out would have been with the blondes and she in a corner serving drinks. Am i happy Will took his life?  No.. but for what its worth Louisa ends up living her life to the fullest.

The perfect guy review

The 2015 Thriller film staring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut.

You would probably remember Sanaa and Morris from the films The best man and The best man holiday and Micheal from Think like a man and About last night. In this Movie Sanaa plays Leah, Morris as Dave and Micheal as Carter. At the beginning of the movie Leah and Dave are in a relationship and have been for quite a while, though everything seems good Leah is worried that Dave does not want exactly what she wants. Now in her thirties she sees reason to settle down and start a family. But Dave seems not to be ready  and says his parent are divorced and he does not want that. Leah then decides to break things off with Dave which, given the circumstance is quite understandable.

Leah then meets Carter a smooth talker and appears to be a genuine guy. He fits every of her desires and she then starts a relationship with Carter. She takes Carter to her parents house one weekend and Carter seems to get on well with her dad. She eventually sees Carter as her furniture husband until..

On their drive way back home, Carter stops to buy something in a store and another guy tries to hit on Leah. spotting what had happened Carter rushed out and beat the guy up almost to the point of death and continued despite Leah’s pleading until, someone showed up with a gun and threatened to call the police. The astonished Leah could not believe her eyes and decided to keep her distance from Carter. Carter however, kept showing up everywhere Leah went, asking why she did not pick his calls or want t talk to him, until Leah finally said its over. Carter then said if i cant have you nobody will.

from 0-100 real quick Carter started stalking Leah, broke into her house Continue reading “The perfect guy review”

Love and friendship review

A 2016 British film in an 18th century setting based on the novel ‘lady Susan’ by Jane Austen produced by Katie Holly and Lauranne Bourrachot

Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan in love and Friendship

The  film was set at three locations Longford, Churchill and Edward street London. It starts with the words Langford, Langford if only it hadn’t being Langford how happy we might have being. In an amusing way, the various characters are introduced in more of a theatrical fashion starting from Lord Manwaring as a divinely attractive man.

I, however felt the film was more based on lady Susan more than any of the characters and the nice introduction was funny but not necessary. of course realising this was based on the novella by which the lead character was named after; it is expected that the film would surround her life. To put things simple the film revolved around three things basically; Continue reading “Love and friendship review”

Romantic comedy classics

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There are romantic comedy films that never get old. Anytime you watch them and if you have not watched them yet, you better get the DVD right now because you are missing out. Here is a list of 10 Romcom classics

  1. Pretty Woman Julia Robert was very fine.. in this one and i know the story of a hooker luckily getting a good man, that takes her out of that life is almost a cliche now  but, this is one film that is just brilliant
  2. Coming to America A story of a prince travelling to a distint country to find his bride whie pretending to be poor
  3. When Harry met Sally
  4. My best friends wedding Two childhood friends who made a part to get married by the time they both reach a certain age and are not married. now the guy wants to get married to someone else as she tries to win him
  5. What women want A man through an occurrence gets the ability to read every woman’s mind and knows what they want
  6. Boomerang

Continue reading “Romantic comedy classics”

Hello, My Name is Doris

It’s another film week and today I decided to review something slightly different, a romance movie called ‘Hello my name is Doris’ and it stars Sally Field as Doris. You probably remember Sally from the 90’s film Mrs Doubtfire where she acted along side with Robin Williams, May his soul rest in peace. Okay, its being over 20 years since i have seen Sally and her role here is different.

The film starts in the burial ceremony of Doris mother after which her brother and his wife recommends she gets her own house and move out of their mother’s place. However her sentiments makes her brother recommend a therapist. The distressed Doris returns to the house, feeds the cat and heads out to work, picking a random lamp on the way which, to be honest I have no idea why. She sees a couple while reading a book, moves away and continues her journey to work, encounters a guy with whom she is made to awkwardly stare at in the packed elevator. He starts talking to her  and complements her glasses. oh, did I mention Doris is an elderly lady probably in her sixties and this guy is probably thirty something. Doris picks a pen from his bag when he turned – big collector this Doris one . so apparently this guy- John  is later introduced as the new co-worker.  Meanwhile, Doris drifts away day-dreaming about having a moment with John. After a cardio session with her friend,  Doris goes off to hear a motivational speech. After which she talks to the motivational speaker telling him there is something she wants or rather someone but, it is impossible, he cuts her off giving her the affirmation to say ‘I am possible’  ….. and ends telling her ‘you are a green ball of glowing light and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise’. okay i must admit i liked his words we all need the little push once in a while.

Continue reading “Hello, My Name is Doris”

The Shawshank Redemption


“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying”.

I first heard about Shawshank redemption though how it rose to one of the top ranked movies and is now acclaimed as one of the world best movies despite it is an old film and premiered over two decades ago. Then, you might wonder what is so peculiar about this film, what makes it stand out.

The main casts in this film are Tim Robbins as Andy  and Morgan Freeman who plays Red, as seen in the poster. i know the name ‘red’ might ring a bell for those ‘orange is the new black’ fans out there but, despite this is indeed all a prison life movie or would i call it adventures of the prison, it is totally a different case. The film starts with flash backs as Andy remembers seeing his wife cheating on him and holding a gun. Next he stands before the court and he is sentenced to life imprisonment to Shawshank’s prison for killing both his wife and lover. Despite he insisted he was innocent and that indeed he had a gun but never used it. In Shawshawk Andy remains calm while monitoring everything. soon, he gets friendly with Red who also was serving a life sentence and sold unapproved items secretly in the prison. Andy asks red for a rock hammer which he would use for sculpturing and claimed he liked calving rocks. while working in the prison laundry he would be beaten and raped by other prisoners. somehow red gets himself, Andy and a group of others prisoners to work on the prison roof where Andy overhears the head guard complaining about his taxes. As a banker, having knowledge in the field he offers to help him in exchange for some cold beer for him and his inmates. At first the guard threatens him feeling insulted but later agrees. While watching one film in the prison, Andy asks red for a picture of an actress. on returning back to the prison work, he was beaten again, a beating that hospitalised him. The guard went to the guy responsible for Andy’s condition and beat him to the state that became paralysed. this made the group to stop torturing Andy. On getting back from the hospital he finds the poster he had asked for from red.
Andy is later sent to work in the prison library and also helped with tax returns.  he then decided to expand the library and wrote weekly letters to the government asking for funds which they responded to 6years later. among the books that was sent there was a recording of an operas which he played on the speakers for the entire prison to hear but, was sent to solitary confinement. a new prisoner came who on hearing Andy’s case said in his previous prison a man claimed to have killed Andy’s wife and lover. Andy runs to tell the prison warden about it but, was shocked when he was reprimanded and sent to solitary confinement again.  the warden called the new prisoner and killed him.  After the period in solitary the frustrated Andy tells Red that if he ever gets out of prison he should go behind a tree in a particular field and dig at the back of it and take a box but, never told him the contents of the box. Andy then asks for a rope from another inmate and goes to shine the shoes of the warden and take out his clothes. on hearing Andy took a rope Red thought Andy might have committed suicide in his cell that night. the next day Andy was missing and the warden found Andy’s shoe instead of his. the warden starts throwing the rocks in Andy’s cell and hits the poster of the actress and immediately notices a hole, he removes the poster revealing a huge tunnel.  it appears that Andy had crawled through the hole he dug with the hammer to the ocean, throughout the night. all efforts to find Andy were unfruitful, as all they could find were his jail cloths . Andy somewhat assumes the identify a different man who the warden had been hiding money under and claims all the money from the bank and sent records of the wanders criminal activities to the press. the warden kills himself before he could be arrested. years later Red was set free and sometime later decided to go to the field Andy had told him of, there he found the box and in it contained a letter of Andy informing Red to join him in the pacific ocean. Red sets on a journey to the pacific and the film ends as the two reunite.
This films shows pain, grieve, examines reason, struggle for survival and what we would consider freedom. As we can see Andy did not deserve to be imprisoned but, who would have listened to his plea after all, all prisoners claim to be innocent.
Here is a scene from the movie

and the opera that Andy played across the speakers it is actually the comic opera by Mozart entitled ‘the marriage of Figaro’

I’ll leave you with the very last words of Red
“I find I’m so excited that I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel. A free man at a start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.”



 Anomalisa is a film that has intrigued me. it is an animation but there is nothing so animated about it. of course, the characters are animated but the manner, the way, the portrayal of the film is so real that you might even get lost and forget you are watching an animation. But then you are reminded by the side cracked skin similar to that of a figurine and irregular movement like that of a person halving irregular contractions that the characters have.
Anomalisa examines the story of a man who undergoes a weird situation in his life he cannot distinguish people, everyone seemed alike with the same voice, the same attitude in fact it was as if it was a life of “him and the rest”. the situation was difficult for him as he perceived everyone including his wife and son with the same voice. he travels to Cincinnati to deliver a speech on customer service and is constantly remained of his ex whose voice he still hears as the unusual masculine voice. lonely in his hotel room he calls her out of the blue and  asks for a meeting. she, despite shocked agrees to meet him but gets angered when he asks her to accompany him to his room.
while taking a shower his mind is somewhat awakened when he hears a different voice, different from what he was used to, it was feminine. he runs out knocks on every door trying to hear who it was and finally he finds the voice. she was a young, naive, slightly plump girl and she was with her friend who in fact opened the door, however her friends voice was the same as the rest. he was interested in this girl whose voice was different he found her special. they told him they had come for his speech, they had read his book and said it was lovely. the girl of interest was named Lisa. he invited them for dinner after which he invited Lisa to his room, hesitant as to why she was and not her fiend who she considered the attractive one was invited. he reassured her that it was her he wanted.
in he room he pours her a drink and asks about her life, she did, dragging on to how anomalous she was and that there was nothing fascinating about her. but he knew her voice was special and that she was special and because she considered herself anomalous he called her anomalisa. he caressed her lips and lay with her.  in his sleep he gets tormented with wondering dreams and wakes up states he wanted to marry lisa.but while having breakfast lisa’s voice began to change to the rest and he was irritated by her eating habits. after his speech which was an unusual one considering he had a nervous breakdown. he went back home to his family and his wife throws a surprise welcome party for him he was uncomfortable because he could barely recognise anyone who had come.
sitting on the stairs looking at the unusual toy he had bought for his son the film ends as lisa writes to him saying she hopes they meet again

the film leaves you wondering what happens next did anomalisa become nomalisa
did the world sill make sense?
Anyway here is the trailer as the film to get a feel of it
As he said “Look for what is special about each individual, focus on that.” i think this is vital as we all are special in our ways



Alright if you haven’t watched this movie you need to.
these were my highlights

  • when Eilis left Ireland, got on a train to Brooklyn, got seasickness and  defecated in a bucket because she was locked out of the toilet.
  • Eilis dinning every night with the traditionalist landlady and her fellow residents in the irish boarding house
  • working in the departmental store and developing from a shy girl to a lady with confidence


  • meeting a nice Italian fellow at the dance who she starts a relationship with and marries secretly


  • returning to Ireland for her sisters burial but ends up staying longer for her friends wedding. meeting another guy gets a job and thinks life is perfect in Ireland

  • after being accosted by a woman who tells her she is aware she married, decides to tell her mother and returns back to Brooklyn to be with her husband 


i find it very interesting the way it was played that Eilis almost forgot it all; when things got comfortable, nevertheless still returned. this goes to show that people can change in different circumstances but its vital to realise what is important and right.