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Alright if you haven’t watched this movie you need to.
these were my highlights

  • when Eilis left Ireland, got on a train to Brooklyn, got seasickness and  defecated in a bucket because she was locked out of the toilet.
  • Eilis dinning every night with the traditionalist landlady and her fellow residents in the irish boarding house
  • working in the departmental store and developing from a shy girl to a lady with confidence


  • meeting a nice Italian fellow at the dance who she starts a relationship with and marries secretly


  • returning to Ireland for her sisters burial but ends up staying longer for her friends wedding. meeting another guy gets a job and thinks life is perfect in Ireland

  • after being accosted by a woman who tells her she is aware she married, decides to tell her mother and returns back to Brooklyn to be with her husband 

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Lessons from Kafka (Kafkaesque)

Update with Temi sarita

I had the pleasure of reading Kafka Franz’s letter to this father, where he laments of how his father was too strict and prevented him from living his dream. Meanwhile, if you are unaware of who Kafka is, this short video from – ‘the school of life’ will tell you all you need to know.

Okay hopefully you watched the video or perhaps already know Kafka.
I am particularly intrigued by the extend of damage that a person can have and influence another person’s life. In the story of Kafka, it was his father’s strict way of life that instilled this fear and made him live as he described ‘like a fighting cock’. In the world today, we find not just parents but teachers, friends, neighbors society. Telling people they are not good enough, they need to do this or that to survive; shunning people for there various attitudes and…

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Social network dependence

Update with Temi sarita

These days people are begining to lose touch with one another. they now relay on social medias . people are becoming less concerned with reality. people are now building there lifes on social network. people can no longer go an hour without fiddling their phones- texting. is social network a disease. but of-course we must look at the benefits of social networks- keeping in touch with relatives an friends at various locations worldwide. but people now rely on social media now and are not interested in that physical encounter.

people are beginning to lose touch with reality people can not start their day without looking at their phones and messages. people are seeking attention by all means. let use stop this social media dependence and live a reality not fiction.

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Update with Temi sarita

A wanderer is man from his birth.
He was born in a ship
On the breast of the river of Time;
Brimming with wonder and joy
He spreads out his arms to the light,
Rivets his gaze on the banks of the stream.
As what he sees is, so have his thoughts been.
Whether he wakes,
Where the snowy mountainous pass,
Echoing the screams of the eagles,
Hems in its gorges the bed
Of the new-born clear-flowing stream;
Whether he first sees light
Where the river in gleaming rings
Sluggishly winds through the plain;
Whether in sound of the swallowing sea—
As is the world on the banks,
So is the mind of the man.
Vainly does each, as he glides,
Fable and dream
Of the lands which the river of Time
Had left ere he woke on its breast,
Or shall reach when his eyes have been

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Update with Temi sarita

While listening to a health segment on the radio addressing depression, i decided to make this blog post on depression. Considering that a large number of people in the world today are dying in silence from this, it is important to create awareness.

According to

“Depression is defined as a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.”

There are many reasons people could get depressed for various psychological and emotional reasons. sometimes, these signs can be visible where the person withdraws from the world and tries to seek comfort. others might not show the actual symptoms at-least not to others but, deep within suffer similar patterns which is why it is important to treat people right.

One of the most clinical relations to depression is a neurotrophin called the brain derived neurotrophic factor – BDNF which as the name suggests is from the…

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Panic attack

Update with Temi sarita

If you watch the American series suits, you would recall how in season 5 Harvey specter portrayed by Gabriel Macht had severe panic attacks. This was triggered by fear of failure, sense of abandonment, frustration and danger.

This extreme anxiety made him sweat, nauseous, tremble and palpitate. this anxiety prompted him to see a psychiatrist to reduce them, who goes through various times the attacks occurred and events that triggered it. 
there is however no particular cause of panic attack, other than it is a result of stress 
Last year abc news anchor Dan harris suffered from panic attacks and he explained how the voice in his head was trying to convince him that he wasn’t good enough, and he wasn’t doing something right hence, making him panic. 
Today Dan harris has managed to calm these attacks and even published a book…

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Yes Sleep

Update with Temi sarita

i would start this blog post with a poem by William Shakespeare used in his 17th century play ‘as you like it’
“Blow blow, thou winter wind,
thou art so unkind,
as man’s ingratitude,
Thy tooth is not so keen
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.
Heigh-ho! sing heigh-ho! unto the green holly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho! the holly!
This life is most jolly.
Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
Thou dost not bite so nigh
As benefits forgot:
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp
As friend remember’d not.
Heigh-ho! sing heigh-ho! unto the green holly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho! the holly!
This life is most jolly.”

the winter winds are coming and indeed it has not been unkind
however as much as the winds may be blowing there are…

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It feels so easy for people to wake up  and start asking

why don’t i have it yet?

i need this now!

i don’t have this and that

why is my life the same?

but then we forget

to count our blessings and recognise the value of what we already have


so you want a car, a house maybe and all that life’s luxury

but then again

you woke up today didn’t you?

this brings me back to quote i came across from Amanda Torroni’s book which i haven’t read yet titled ‘stargazing at noon’

“remember yesterday when you swore you wouldn’t make it through you woke up this morning didn’t you”
yeah you woke up this morning didn’t you.
I don’t want to be a little cliche here but when there’s life there’s hope. you might not have everything you desire but be grateful for what you have.
in other news i figured i haven’t shared any songs lately but as you get on with your days activities why dont you plug on this one from Soule titled goodlife


With love


Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away,

I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me.

I am slipping away,

myself, my body, my being.

I am losing myself into someone or something that

I feel that i have no control of anything.

I want you so bad that sometimes i feel that i can do anything for you

I need that possession so badly that i feel that i can leave anything for it

It feels so horrible when you find yourself in a situation when

you cannot no longer control your own thoughts

your own actions

when you want to make a decision

and you cannot do it alone

when you put someone else before you

when you are second and even third place in things that matter to your life.


Hello there,

I am self-respect and those who lose me experience these things

They lose themselves into other experiences

They do things for people to please them

They do things for people for what they can get from them

or what they feel things people can do for them

they take advantage of people and

they are taken advantage of

they are not in control of their thoughts nor actions

what they previously considered as colours then become black and white

they gradually become deceived into thinking the things they loved

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