You can just tell when its night time,

by breeze that just wakes up the hairs on your skin,

drinking the carcasses of your sweat,

the winds of the southern harmattan are no joke.


While contemplating on this,

You sent it to me,

He was caressing her body,

from the curves of her waist to the close ended intersection that meets her back.


Why would you send it to me,

Here I am attempting to understand what this means,

I feel offended because you imply I am a loose woman ,

that the testosterone that lurks at the room next to mine must be intertwining my ovaries.


you proclaim it with laughter,

but your laughter intoxicates my soul,

I vomit to reveal my disapproval,

Your ego encapsulating body grips me, shuns me.


Makes me feel that the worms in my stomach,

are just a fragment of my imagination,

the worms are growing bigger yet you are not remorseful,

your very ego breathes self-righteousness.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love



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