Surface beauty

I looked up,

Trying to exercise my eyes,

Opening my mind to other thoughts,

And there she was:


Moving with so much charm,

Body shaped like a model,

Proportionate in all angles,

With the right curves:


Curves that could make the boys turn,

I am a boy and I turned,

She carried herself with so much elegance,

I just wanted to get closer to her:


I had seen bodies like hers,

Tasted lips of such bodied women,

Although there might be no correlation to their kisses,

I felt her lips will be sweet:


Be like chocolate and sweet vanilla in my tongue,

My head was banging in all areas,

My mind kept going back and forth,

Fantasising of her presence:


Finally my legs moved,

Almost with dizzy steps,

Like the winds had blown me towards her,

Within a split second I found myself before her:


Face to face,

Inches were the only distance between us,

I opened my mouth trying to proclaim words of adoration,

But I felt in my spine what hit me:


She had the most revolting voice,

That my ears had ever heard,

Bad grammar, dirty vocals, nasty emotions,

How is this possible? I am turned off.



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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

Send me a message and feel free to let me know if there’s any topic or interest you would like to be expressed in a story or poetic piece

With love




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