Lover’s touch

It was a beautiful moment,

When their eyes met,

He gazing on her big beautiful eyes,

She startled by the continuous looks he gave her,


This was were it started,

The connection of pupils that set their souls on fire,

It was a magical scene,

An eye communication sparkling butterflies in their belies:


They have connected ever since,

He has become the reason for her comfort,

The shoulder that she leans on,

When tears gather in her eyes:


She drops her head on his shoulder,

Allowing the tears to roll out of them,

Followed by the weeping sounds that she makes,

A total contrast to her laughter:


The burden seems lighter as the he pats her back,

Soothing her gradually,

Rolling them in circular motion,

Clockwise and anticlockwise:


At this moment she feels a certain peace,

That tries to suppress the raging emotion,

Emotions that caused her pain,

She opens up and lets him into her arms:


She locks her arms around his body,

Ears pieced against his chest,

Now, she can hear his heartbeat,

As it gradually begins to echo in her eardrums, in that vigorous pace:


She feels her pain might have affected him,

That it may have created worry in his heart,

Gradually the tears begin to dry up,

She feels a certain warmth in her spirit:


Yet, she is still locked in his embrace,

The comfort he has given her has placed her in a special place,

Now she finds it difficult to leave,

The peace you get from a lover’s touch.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love



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