Visible change

It started very slowly,

Gradually her mood began to change,

The person they once knew,

Became a fragment of their imagination:


The change was so apparent,

The visible signs were there,

They echoed amongst themselves,

That she now carries the same body with a replaced soul:


She was the light of the party,

The one to turn anyone in a good mood,

The one who knew the right thing to say at the right time,

Nothing could pull her down or so they thought:


For the five years they’ve worked with her,

She has carried so much radiance,

Most of them envied her,

Others admired her:


Then, it was almost impossible for anyone,

To have so much energy and persistence,

Despite the numerous external factors that creep in gradually,

And automatically transform your bubbly personality:


But now things have changed,

Ever since it happened,

The most shocking event of her life,

That everyone feared would be the one to break her:


It has now not just broken her but has left her empty,

In search of the missing bones in her body,

That seem to have vanished into thin air,

Although she has visible organs:


They have nothing to show other than their visibility,

Without no response from them, when needed to be utilised

Though she still has a mouth,

She struggled to make words:


Laughter and happiness were packaged and kept away from her,

Almost like they were locked in a box with the key thrown away,

Leaving her with no hope of survival,

Now, she is living with this uncertainty circling around her:


Yet, they all stand around in groups,

Chattering about her life among themselves,

The strangers interested in the story,

Beckon the others to share the news:


Gradually her story spreads like wild fire,

To the ears of faces she has never met or would ever,

People who have no concern about her life,

Still her story continues to spread:


Talk is all the people seem to do,

But who will help her?

Why are the people’s arms folded

And held near their chests?


Why do they not lend a hand of assistance?

Why can’t soothing words come out of their mouths,

Instead of the gossip they spread?

Would pain continue to shove its way even deeper?


Would the citizens of earth not grab each others hands in support?

Will they not attempt to draw out each other from the result of sudden trauma?

An experience that could knock on anyone’s door at any moment?

Mental health matters, it happened to her today but who will it be after tomorrow?


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love




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