His Grin

This man is quite unique,

He has got beauty in his eyes,

They sparkle as bright as the white tulips,

You can almost say they represent purity:


When she looks at him like this,

She likes to think that he is pure,

You can almost tell that he is happy,

From the way his eyes beam:


When he looks at her,

His eyes beam even more,


It is almost like he is marvelled by another beauty,

That makes his eyes lids shake in awe:


The top lids draws nearer to the bottom lid,

Allowing only a little gaze of the pupils,

Like a child spying through a window blindfold,

Again his eyes can open in utter shock when he sights her presence:


You cannot help but notice the wild smile that he embodies,

With the opening of his mouth,

Giving way his perfect dentition,

Again with such brightness that reassures his purity:


Sometimes she gets distracted by the freckles on his face,

Or the sharp coarseness she feels when her hands caresses his face,

From his ever well groomed beards,

But it is his eyes and his mouth that seem most attractive at this moment:


A moment she treasures,

Looking into his eyes,

Admiring his beauty,

For in this moment she feels his happiness.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram: @temi_sarita

send me a message and feel free to let me know if there’s any topic or interest you would like to be expressed in a story or poetic piece

With love







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