Sensations of Pain

Have you ever smelt it?

Flashing back and forth through your nostrils,

Leaving a blockage in them,

Making you forget how to breathe:



Have your eyes reflected its nature?

Getting red like an organ filled with blood,

With no resemblance to that of a human,

Flowing uncontrollably with tears:


Have you felt it in your bones?

Withdrawing your existence,

Pulling you back and making you feel worthless,

Each time your body losses the strength to live:


Has it ever touched you?

That you begin to realise the colour of your veins,

Green lines covering your entire hands,

As it has drained out majority of the blood in your system:


Have you ever tasted it?

That bitter taste you get on your tongue,

That burns like fire,

Until you begin to loose the essence of taste:


Have you heard its sound?

Making sounds that even the lions roar cannot match,

Propelling that heart beat,

Making you felt faint:


Does it make you loose your balance?

Does it make you loose our existence?

Does it keep pounding your emotions?

Does your body scream ah! ah! make it stop now?


This feeling can be very toxic,

You never know when its coming,

Neither can the tears on another’s face,

Give you an accurate feeling of how it grips souls:


Have you felt this way, because even the thought of it,

Accumulates vomit in my throat.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love




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