I saw her

Sweet sugar!

I quietly exclaimed to myself,

You have to look at this with me,

Who is this that radiates so much light:


Her skin caught my attention,

She looked so pure,

Don’t you dare compare her to anything,

Her beauty is second to no one:


Skin so spotless,

Almost like she has been cared for with affection,

No scar, no spots,

Showing she has never known trauma:


It is almost like she baths in a different kind of water,

Water that this earth is incapable of producing,

She is like a princess,

But could she be my queen:


I am afraid of getting closer to her,

Harbouring fear that of my unworthiness,

My imperfections are so numerous,

That I fear they might impede her spotless beauty:


The reflection of the damages I have faced,

My tarnished being showcases,

Adversity has broken my bones,

Could I still be worthy of this beauty:


I still feel the old pains,

A remembrance of the many times I have fallen,

Fallen so deep that it is almost like a miracle,

That my life has picked itself up:


I carry this in my mind as I walk past people,

Shades of pain they may have faced or could in future,

Though I am gradually healing,

I still carry the stains of a tarnished reflection on my body:


Will they prevent me from beholding this beauty before me,

A beauty so rare that crossed my path,

Great beauty that dazzles like the sun,

Almost giving me hope for a sweater life:


Still, I am here at the corner,

Grumbling words to thee,

Legs shaking in anticipation of what could be,

Casually allowing the little sweat to drip from my forehead:


As I allow my eyes to blink,

Moisturising the gazing eyes that were going dry,

They open and her body was no longer there,

Where did my beauty go:


Was she ever there,

Was she nothing more than a fragment of my imagination,

Nevertheless, I have seen her,

The feminine beauty I am hungry for.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram: @temi_sarita

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With love



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2 thoughts on “I saw her

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  1. I love this poem. We all carry scars and sometimes think we are marred for life. But even scars have thier beauty. They speak of battles fought and won. I love your blog. Thankyou for visiting mine x

    Liked by 1 person

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