It is Rocky

Forming connections at every corner,

With their numerous shapes,

The rough and coarseness you feel when you touch them,

Is a reflection of their strength:


These species are very strong,

Embodying a kind of strength that speaks for itself,

Try use one of them to hurt a living creature,

The pain they will feel displays their power:


Intercepting each other at every angle,

They are good at forming teams,

They merge up like a couple,

Facing each others with heads aligned:


The lighter ones surrounds them,

Almost like the reflections of the bigger ones,

Like the bigger ones birthed the smaller ones,

Mirroring their arrangement:


But how can an item with no method of breathing,

Which we humans have embraced with our life,

Or method of motion,

Which we have showcased as our superiority:


How can they still be this connected,

Expressing this unique personality,

It is almost like they form explainable unions,

Communicating in methods unknown to man:


Collaborating in enviable ways,

This communication seems special,

In their simple way you can tell they feel

Relating among themselves:


Symbolically the bigger ones seem to be protective,

Body covered in that greyness that hints their age,

Covering the smaller ones like elders in defence,

Showcasing selfless sacrifice:


When the turmoil sets in,

Hinted but the sound of the moving trucks,

The rock elders, the true leaders in this world,

Position themselves on top:


The builders arrive,

Gripping them for the new construction,

A lineage has been wiped,

But the young-lings have been spared.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love



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