Underdog thoughts

Smelling thick wood and nasty bamboo stems,

Sweating for fun as the hot sun tans my skin,

Passing through the petrifying smell of bosses,

Full of arrogance covering you with fear:


Walking with my physical head low,

Yet, the internal one held high,

Striving to escape to this excruciating life,

That I was born in:


The disease of poverty surrounded my ancestors,

I want to eliminate it from my DNA,

Hard work and endurance have become my motto,

This is the only remedy I can give it:


Without this I may be doomed forever,

Wallowing in the realms of self pity,

Feeding on the reminants of my masters,

Pinching of others for survival:


Like a dog I eat their left-over meals,

Sieving out the semi good stuff,

At least the ones my stomach can contain,

Without ejecting that nasty warm vomit:


It has happened before,

Trust me, I have been there,

Now my body likes that nasty food,

That they have become a delicacy to my taste buds:


Even when my masters becomes generous,

Providing me with a decent meal,

They taste almost like vomit to me,

The paradox!


Then I think,

Yes, I work hard to live in this rich life,

But will my mentality remain poor,

Will I forever smell of the distasteful roots of poverty:


Will it forever leave a scar,

That will forever mar me from adequately fitting in,

With the elite,

If indeed that ever happens.


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram @temi_sarita

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With love



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5 thoughts on “Underdog thoughts

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  1. There is always a joy when one does things which one has enjoyed even under forced conditions or choices; a lot may change but it is the self satisfaction that keeps our head held high without shame even under adverse conditions.
    To hell with the world an attitude we all cherish!
    Love the way you put words to emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a beautiful poem, heart wrenching all the same too. Keep your head high while working hard at becoming the best version of yourself. Eat what you like while at it, can’t sometimes let go of the background and we can choose to change our lifestyle to the one we see fit or decide to be that same person even after we are better off. Lovely poem

    Liked by 1 person

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