Painful Joy

It was very obvious now,

From the early stage of her protruding belly,

She had already gotten the questions,

Are you due soon?


But this day seemed different,

She was in a good mood,

Going about her business grinning from ear to ear,

Without worrying about her delivery:


Then it all changed,

She suddenly felt pulses of sharp pain,

Coming and going with no pattern,

Then she felt it stopped for a while:



But, ah! she felt that sharp pain again,

Even stronger than before,

This time the pain had increased,

She could not take it any longer:


The time was getting nearer,

The fruit of her womb was about to be born,

She screamed uncontrollably,

Seeking support in the arms of her husband:


Hitting him uncontrollably,

As if she can transfer the pain she felt to him,

When the pain went away for a short while,

She grabbed a chair to balance her body:


Soon, she notices the water running through her legs,

It was finally happening for real,

Somehow she found a justification for the numerous screams,

That has escaped from her mouth:


But the joyful war had just started,

She pushing with all the energy she had,

Fighting through sweats and discomfort,

Soothed with the encouraging words from the nurses:


Push! push! they said, come on, you can do it,

She embraced all fear,

And gave it her all.

Then one, two, three more pushes:


Was followed by the crying sound of her new creature,

Her baby, her bundle of joy,

Tears of joys rolled down her eyes,

Finally! she will be called mother


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Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram: Temi_sarita

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With love



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