Hello, My Name is Doris

It’s another film week and today I decided to review something slightly different, a romance movie called ‘Hello my name is Doris’ and it stars Sally Field as Doris. You probably remember Sally from the 90’s film Mrs Doubtfire where she acted along side with Robin Williams, May his soul rest in peace. Okay, its being over 20 years since i have seen Sally and her role here is different.

The film starts in the burial ceremony of Doris mother after which her brother and his wife recommends she gets her own house and move out of their mother’s place. However her sentiments makes her brother recommend a therapist. The distressed Doris returns to the house, feeds the cat and heads out to work, picking a random lamp on the way which, to be honest I have no idea why. She sees a couple while reading a book, moves away and continues her journey to work, encounters a guy with whom she is made to awkwardly stare at in the packed elevator. He starts talking to her  and complements her glasses. oh, did I mention Doris is an elderly lady probably in her sixties and this guy is probably thirty something. Doris picks a pen from his bag when he turned – big collector this Doris one . so apparently this guy- John  is later introduced as the new co-worker.  Meanwhile, Doris drifts away day-dreaming about having a moment with John. After a cardio session with her friend,  Doris goes off to hear a motivational speech. After which she talks to the motivational speaker telling him there is something she wants or rather someone but, it is impossible, he cuts her off giving her the affirmation to say ‘I am possible’  ….. and ends telling her ‘you are a green ball of glowing light and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise’. okay i must admit i liked his words we all need the little push once in a while.

The next day she starts to pursue this younger man from intentional deflating her balloon chair, (weirdest thing) to pouring water on his shirt (ha ha or not that was her day dreaming again). She then starts therapy. She is later convinced by her friends 13 year old granddaughter to make her fake Facebook account and befriend him to know things about him. And there it started- stalking, getting to like what he liked one of which one was a song titled dance rascal dance by Baby Goya and The Nuclear Winters. John later sees this CD on her desk and says she is cool and even calls her a Baller and sees this as a connection they had she later goes to the Baby Goya’s concert which he also attends. Here’s a clip

At the end she ends up being accepted to their electronica world and to be the cover of Baby Goya’s next album.  However, after a week John becomes distracted by a new love interest he finds which disturbs Doris. She follows them and ends up being seen. She is eventually asked to go to the girl’s singing thing which she hated but pretended to like. Shortly after John’s new girlfriend breaks up with him over a random post Doris had posted on his Facebook wall okay this was under the fake Facebook name and everything. Doris gets friendly again with John and tells him about her ‘feelings’ to which he turned down. After which she gets a reality check, calls her friend who comforts her. The next day she calls her therapist and eventually decides to De-clutter her house, she quits her job and apologies to John. She day dreams again of john running after her apologising and asks to be in a relationship. The film ends with John actually calling her name as she enters the elevator so, I guess we will never know.

This is a nice film got the whole comedy and fun to it, definitely worth the watch.

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