Seven times a mother

It is an another morning and my alarm goes off

i turn around and turn it off with a smile because

it has again not failed in waking me up, at the right time.

what time is it you ask, well it is 4a.m

before you go around wondering

why is she awake by this this time

let me introduce myself

i am a mother of seven and but primarily a wife

and it doesn’t matter if my husband’s snore is still raving the entire house at this time

i love him dearly

don’t worry

i have been married to him for 15years now and the snoring has become melodies to my ears

yes, my beloved children, my seven stars as i like to call them are unique in their ways.

i am among the rare, the minority of women who had multiple births

when i say multiple i don’t mean a set of twins, triplets, quadruplets

i had… seven of them, all together

A handful! you might say

well… that’s what i have been told

it is at these times that i casually flash back to when i got pregnant 7 years ago

first of all

me and my husband married really young

we had just finished secondary school and just decided why wait and got married.

we did it secretly, nobody knew

anyway we both went to universities

well, more him than me

i went to the community college

he has always loved education so

a year later he got a full scholarship to study abroad for 4 years

i on the other hand had to stay back in the country

alone, with a husband abroad

During the first year of his departure we were communicating very effectively

by effective i mean we sent letters each month and said something meaningful in each letter

it was almost like a monthly update

i would admit these were really sweet but in the real sense i just wanted my husband by my side

i wish phones or even the internet were a big deal back then

maybe it would have made the process smoother

long story short he stopped sending letters for months

6 months precising before the 4th year would come to an end.

i was wonderied, anxious and was almost giving up hope.

me and his family never really got along so there was no way i could have inquired his well being from them.


i knew the family house so

i would casually run there, peep through the gate holes to see if he had returned or

if i would hear any news

he had two older sisters and they were very fierce

i tired to make friends with them but to no avail

i even tried to get closer to his mother but the woman seemed to hate the very sight of me.

4months later

i was awaken from my day dreaming with the noise coming out of his house as i casually walked by i tried to peep in again

oh what was i seeing

is my husband finally back

he looked so robust, so fresh, with a full grown mustache

i tried to reach out but since i wasn’t in good terms with the family i could not enter.

day after day

i waited for when he would visit me.

everyday i wore neat clothes, freshly ironed, packed my hair back in the neatest way possible

held my head high, only to bring it back low again in disappointment when i don’t see him.

going back home to with no one to comfort me.

my grandfather the only surviving family member could not engage in much talks with me because he was of ill health.

but still i would cry on his shoulders

until one day

on my way to the market

i ran into him.

at that moment i forgot about the anger the pain all i could think about was

there he was, standing in front of me.

i rushed into his arms and embraced him

but then it dawned on me, why had he waited this long to see me

he exclaimed,

…i have been looking for you, where have you been

it was then i realised that indeed i had not been living in the house he knew

when my maternal grandmother died i had to move to a different house with my grandfather

and here way no way his family would have told him

his family were not very wealthy but, were among the few people who were not ready to mingle with anyone they perceived as lower class.

regardless, i was glad to see my beloved again after a such a long time

then we continued our romance

he promised to get a nice house where we could both live

we were both happy


his parents wanted him to married a rich man’s daughter

although he was not interested this did not stop his parents from making marriage arrangements

it as at this time that i discovered i was pregnant.

i rushed and told him and he was very happy

with this news he told his parents that he already married and his wife was with child

this made this parents hate me even more

they felt i had hindered their family from associated with the rich

how could their son decide to marry a nobody.

my pregnancy was weird at first

when i went to the hospital the doctor said they could see three heads

three heads! i exclaimed yes you’re having triplets he said

i was excited and prepared for three babies

i was busy with moving to my husband’s house finally

while addressing sneers from the family

on the seven month i went into labour

it was then that the unthinkable happened

with my producing belly i had no idea

the pain was so sever that i had a c section and to the greatest surprise

i noticed the doctor  pulled out seven babies

i was so confused but

i was told i was having 3


the doctor went on to give me a sermon on how there must have been an error in the scan

the babies might have been aligned and all that

but what i was really thinking was

here i am with seven children


what am i going to do.

fast forward to today

my husband’s family still treats me as an outsider

but then i have seven beautiful children to look at everyday

and even though it stresses me out

i wake up happily everyday to make their meals, give them a shower, play with them, take them to school and just love them

be their mother

because i might have a hand full but they are my hand of blessings.


Image courtesy: Google images and Pinterest

Instagram: @temi_sarita

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