Silent Abuse

tell me why i feel this empty hole in my heart

why does my mouth shake and move but, no sound comes out

why does it seem like i have died every time

you raise you hands on me

you scold me

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telling me am not good enough

am not the right one

am a mistake

am rubbish

am stupid

am foolish

i try to look at my back in the mirror and see all the scars you left on me.

they hurt

they hurt so bad but

i cannot not speak out

because i fear what you could do

you are strong very strong and

my standards will never meet your standards yet

i am boxed in this little shell

fearing what you could do next to me

you have been broken many times

will i finally fall the next time you twist my bones

and throw me around like a piece of furniture

yet to the outside world i pretend

i cover the scars on my face with makeup

and the wounds i cannot conceal i form a lie

for why am i in pain

i am in pain but i cannot show others this pain

what would they say

what will they think

so i would just lay here suffering the pain in silence


stop domestic violence

With Love




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