The perfect guy review

The 2015 Thriller film staring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut.

You would probably remember Sanaa and Morris from the films The best man and The best man holiday and Micheal from Think like a man and About last night. In this Movie Sanaa plays Leah, Morris as Dave and Micheal as Carter. At the beginning of the movie Leah and Dave are in a relationship and have been for quite a while, though everything seems good Leah is worried that Dave does not want exactly what she wants. Now in her thirties she sees reason to settle down and start a family. But Dave seems not to be ready  and says his parent are divorced and he does not want that. Leah then decides to break things off with Dave which, given the circumstance is quite understandable.

Leah then meets Carter a smooth talker and appears to be a genuine guy. He fits every of her desires and she then starts a relationship with Carter. She takes Carter to her parents house one weekend and Carter seems to get on well with her dad. She eventually sees Carter as her furniture husband until..

On their drive way back home, Carter stops to buy something in a store and another guy tries to hit on Leah. spotting what had happened Carter rushed out and beat the guy up almost to the point of death and continued despite Leah’s pleading until, someone showed up with a gun and threatened to call the police. The astonished Leah could not believe her eyes and decided to keep her distance from Carter. Carter however, kept showing up everywhere Leah went, asking why she did not pick his calls or want t talk to him, until Leah finally said its over. Carter then said if i cant have you nobody will.

from 0-100 real quick Carter started stalking Leah, broke into her house installed cameras there, hacked her phone, laptop and all devices, and stole her cat. With all these he knew everything she did at every time, followed her every move. Shortly after Leah got back with Dave and Carter was not so pleased about it. Leah then reported to the Police that Carter might be following her and a restraining order was giving to Carter though, this did not stop him. One day while trying to break into Leah house her neighbour saw him and he ran after her and killed her. Next he removed the screws of Dave’s car which ended up killing him when he drove off. Since everything was done smoothly and there was no evidence against him. The detective told Leah she could take matters in her hand. After giving her a story of relating to a shot gun; Leah starting taking gun lessons and starting stalking Carter, broke into his house and destroyed all his gadgets. Carter had already started seeing another girl who he wishes to control but Leah confronts him, calling him a murderer in the girls presence and that she should run while she can. Carter seeing his destroyed computers goes to Leah’s house to confront her but, a prepared Leah pulled out her shotgun. Aiming at Carter, Carter managed to aviod the gun and pulled it off Leah’s  hand and tried to kill her. After an good fight Leah managed to get the Gun and shot Carter.

Hey, guess what the Perfect guy was not perfect after all, the film teaches that we should not be quick to run into things because we think they are glamorous. I mean Leah met this guy  and all she knew about him was only what he told her he was. she did not know any of his friends, family, co-workers, nothing. Nevertheless despite knowing all these things people could still keep skeletons in their closets.


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