Love and friendship review

A 2016 British film in an 18th century setting based on the novel ‘lady Susan’ by Jane Austen produced by Katie Holly and Lauranne Bourrachot

Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan in love and Friendship

The  film was set at three locations Longford, Churchill and Edward street London. It starts with the words Langford, Langford if only it hadn’t being Langford how happy we might have being. In an amusing way, the various characters are introduced in more of a theatrical fashion starting from Lord Manwaring as a divinely attractive man.

I, however felt the film was more based on lady Susan more than any of the characters and the nice introduction was funny but not necessary. of course realising this was based on the novella by which the lead character was named after; it is expected that the film would surround her life. To put things simple the film revolved around three things basically;

  1.  The fact the lady Susan had lost her husband and was in search of another
  2. That despite being a lady had no money and was willing to marry off to a rich man
  3. The same willingness to secure wealth in the family she is ready to marry off her daughter to a another rich man.

The film starts as Lady Susan (portrayed by Kate Beckinsale) leaves Longford to Churchill for item 1 and 2 and meets with her sister in law Mrs Catherine Vernon (portrayed by Emma Greenwell), and is later introduced to her younger brother Mr Reginald Decourey (portrayed by Xavier Samuel). Lady Susan gradually engages with Reginald and continues taking long walks and talks with him. The film shows Lady Susan as a very conniving yet brilliant woman who yet had the sole aim of winning over Reginald made it appear like she was been merely friendly.

Someway her daughter Federica (portrayed by Morfydd Clark) is sent back from school  and is brought to Churchill where she is arranged to marry Sir James Martin despite Frederica’s disapproval as she sees the guy to regularly act as moron. Lady Susan makes her comply by quoting the fourth commandment of the church Honor thy father and thy mother.

By this time Reginald is already interested in lady Susan but with the news that lady Susan has been having secret relations with another man, he decides to leave Churchill but lady Susan beckons that she should leave instead refuting every rumor and said they were mere accusations and that he had misunderstood and she cannot marry a man who does not trust her.

she later returns and takes her daughter with her; but Mrs Catherine and her husband visits her and pleads that Frederica return with them back to Churchill. At the end, lady Susan marries Sir James and her daughter weds Reginald. Although i ponder on the quick twist at the end, i guess lady Susan is satisfied either way as she ended up with a rich husband she desired.


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