Romantic comedy classics

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There are romantic comedy films that never get old. Anytime you watch them and if you have not watched them yet, you better get the DVD right now because you are missing out. Here is a list of 10 Romcom classics

  1. Pretty Woman Julia Robert was very fine.. in this one and i know the story of a hooker luckily getting a good man, that takes her out of that life is almost a cliche now  but, this is one film that is just brilliant
  2. Coming to America A story of a prince travelling to a distint country to find his bride whie pretending to be poor
  3. When Harry met Sally
  4. My best friends wedding Two childhood friends who made a part to get married by the time they both reach a certain age and are not married. now the guy wants to get married to someone else as she tries to win him
  5. What women want A man through an occurrence gets the ability to read every woman’s mind and knows what they want
  6. Boomerang

     7. 10 things i hate about you

8. Maid in Manhattan 

9. Notting hill

10. Runaway bride



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