Alright if you haven’t watched this movie you need to.
these were my highlights

  • when Eilis left Ireland, got on a train to Brooklyn, got seasickness and  defecated in a bucket because she was locked out of the toilet.
  • Eilis dinning every night with the traditionalist landlady and her fellow residents in the irish boarding house
  • working in the departmental store and developing from a shy girl to a lady with confidence


  • meeting a nice Italian fellow at the dance who she starts a relationship with and marries secretly


  • returning to Ireland for her sisters burial but ends up staying longer for her friends wedding. meeting another guy gets a job and thinks life is perfect in Ireland

  • after being accosted by a woman who tells her she is aware she married, decides to tell her mother and returns back to Brooklyn to be with her husband 


i find it very interesting the way it was played that Eilis almost forgot it all; when things got comfortable, nevertheless still returned. this goes to show that people can change in different circumstances but its vital to realise what is important and right.


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