Estrogen! flowing through my blood at its peak. The mood swings, exchanging my senses. I arrange them, file by file, just as they require. The heels hug my crusty toes. I sneeze from the aroma, of the dress that has been marinating in my closet. I greet my reflection, with the words I have stamped,... Continue Reading →

Emoji feelings

My tummy is sucking your emotions, Petals of crust that pounds my belly, Mood that makes me forget my spectacles, And I begin to embrace, The numbers gyrating amidst my twisted curls. Suppressed in the air that kisses tears, Stuck in the hole that caught my tongue, The pimples that plagues my skin, Disappears as... Continue Reading →


You can just tell when its night time, by breeze that just wakes up the hairs on your skin, drinking the carcasses of your sweat, the winds of the southern harmattan are no joke. While contemplating on this, You sent it to me, He was caressing her body, from the curves of her waist to... Continue Reading →


Laying crushed on my belly Gradually hearing the sirens go I stopped to listen closer. And all I could hear Was the piercing sounds of my heart The rumbling sounds of the harmattan winds The echoes of shadows Deep breathes can't save me now I've been trapped ...Hit the like, share and follow button, Image... Continue Reading →

Surface beauty

I looked up, Trying to exercise my eyes, Opening my mind to other thoughts, And there she was: Moving with so much charm, Body shaped like a model, Proportionate in all angles, With the right curves: Curves that could make the boys turn, I am a boy and I turned, She carried herself with so... Continue Reading →

Lover’s touch

It was a beautiful moment, When their eyes met, He gazing on her big beautiful eyes, She startled by the continuous looks he gave her, This was were it started, The connection of pupils that set their souls on fire, It was a magical scene, An eye communication sparkling butterflies in their belies: They have... Continue Reading →

Visible change

It started very slowly, Gradually her mood began to change, The person they once knew, Became a fragment of their imagination: The change was so apparent, The visible signs were there, They echoed amongst themselves, That she now carries the same body with a replaced soul: She was the light of the party, The one... Continue Reading →

His Grin

This man is quite unique, He has got beauty in his eyes, They sparkle as bright as the white tulips, You can almost say they represent purity: When she looks at him like this, She likes to think that he is pure, You can almost tell that he is happy, From the way his eyes... Continue Reading →

Sensations of Pain

Have you ever smelt it? Flashing back and forth through your nostrils, Leaving a blockage in them, Making you forget how to breathe: Have your eyes reflected its nature? Getting red like an organ filled with blood, With no resemblance to that of a human, Flowing uncontrollably with tears: Have you felt it in your... Continue Reading →

I saw her

Sweet sugar! I quietly exclaimed to myself, You have to look at this with me, Who is this that radiates so much light: Her skin caught my attention, She looked so pure, Don't you dare compare her to anything, Her beauty is second to no one: Skin so spotless, Almost like she has been cared... Continue Reading →

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