A pinch of salt and pepper

Salt and Pepper

When they say salt and pepper are two essential ingredients, to make any dish taste and you know feel good on your tastes buds. I think about the salt and pepper in my life.

You see, salt is that thing you have to add to give food taste and pepper you add to give it a little bit of spice, make it hot!

I try to think about life in these two faces: salt and pepper- the two essential things have to put in to get that goodness, to get that good full taste at the end of the day.

There are moments in life you’re going to have that salt moment. When you have those good times, you’ve got those laughter, those memorable moments salt times in your life.

You also have the pepper moment. When its so hot, everything feels so bad, it makes you feel horrible. Everything seems like its falling apart, just like you put in pepper in your food, its hot, it burns your tongue, makes you want to throw up and just forget about everything -the pepper part of your life

Now you must be able to learn how to measure out and balance the amount of salt you get in your life and pepper so you can come out of life feeling all successful, basically schooled out of life

You metaphorically being the food have to know these two ingredients(moments) have to come in your life and you have to groom yourself to be able to take it if you want to get the complete package life has to offer

Quote of the blog

-Hot and cool air will definitely blow but, at least in synchronisation i am warm





Update with Temi sarita

I was watching one of Ralph smart’s videos on YouTube, an amasing guy with so much energy. i’ll insert a link to his page at the end. But then, something he said .

Fine- Fedup, Insecure, Emotional and Neurotic

got me thinking. when we say ‘i am fine’ do we really mean it. Fine has become that universal thing we say even when, deep down, we are suffering or we are in pain.

So here’s a little Piece titled fine

It’s bright and early day, or atleast that what my mind tells me.

I get up because, i have to work but then, i can still feel my bed calling back at me

but no i must work because, i have too

My mother calls and says -hey dear, how are you?

I quickly say -fine

yes, i am fine

I would not want her to…

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Quench my thirst

Update with Temi sarita

I feel this burning sensation in my throat

it burns so bad that nothing seems to soothe it


i feel like i am loosing my voice

ah… ah…

i try to express myself but

i cannot

have i lost the purpose to live?


is the 3rd day

the 3rd day in this nasty dessert

i would not have come

i would not have come if i know the feeling

i thought i knew pain,

but here is a new found pain


is the 3rd day

the 3rd day without human contact

i have lost my voice

from screaming

screaming so hard that maybe

the birds by some magic can take my message to someone



to s..a..v………..e me

i want to give up but i cannot

i mean i must not

a daughter of the forest is what the people in my village call me


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Patience or foolishness

Update with Temi sarita

You work me up so much,

sometimes, I feel like am under a spell

Under your spell

I spell that can never be broken


So, I have to live with it

You are harsh with your words

As they cut into my being

so deeply

I have believed so much in you

That sometimes, I feel

I have no other faith in anyone

because I gave all my trust to you

I complain to my people about your cruelty

and they tell about actions I cannot implement

they tell me to

Hate you

Detest you

Hurt you back

but, I am too good

I cannot hate you

Nor hurt even I strand of your hair

then they call me ‘goody too shoes’

they call me stupid

they call me stupid but am just patience

and here

I am asking myself

what limit is my stupidity

how long can I bear so much…

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Update with Temi sarita

Everyday I wake up I can feel a part of my being moving away,

I can feel that something is taken away gradually from me.

I am slipping away,

myself, my body, my being.

I am losing myself into someone or something that

I feel that i have no control of anything.

I want you so bad that sometimes i feel that i can do anything for you

I need that possession so badly that i feel that i can leave anything for it

It feels so horrible when you find yourself in a situation when

you cannot no longer control your own thoughts

your own actions

when you want to make a decision

and you cannot do it alone

when you put someone else before you

when you are second and even third place in things that matter to your life.


Hello there,

I am self-respect and those…

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Come back love

Update with Temi sarita

I have felt for the longest time

that i needed you

you have been my strength and yet my weakness

I have been hurt, bruised, and left wallowing in self pity

I fear the slightest thought of losing you

you have become my energy

my sun

my moon

my life

you are the water i drink, the food i eat, the breathe i take

you are life itself

the smell of spring always brings so much memories because it was the time me meet

the time you took me to that cottage of yours and i smelt what fresh mahogany crafted into furniture smelt like

anytime i walk through anywhere i feel you presence in my life

your skin

your soft skin

and your sweat or the smell of your sweat was like a strong strength

anytime i think of the times you will embrace me

with your sweat dripping…

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Death of soul

Update with Temi sarita



are we so quick to give advice

why do we feel we know it all

why do we consider ourselves the messiah

we tell people

oh well

do this, do that

under the umbrella of

it is just my opinion

my God… is that not what the world calls

reverse psychology

push me into what i think is not so i think what it is

and i am there falling

sinking deep into the unknown


you there

Mr know it all

Mr know what is right

pinch yourself now

pinch yourself hard because you need to touch yourself

rather that touching other people in places

where you create scars

scars that leave wounds you can not heal

make your own wound

lick your own bruises

and only help others lick theirs

when you are sure that your tongue knows the feeling

the feeling of pain

now stop

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I want it all

Update with Temi sarita

I typed this literary piece on a relaxed evening, when my fingers have the need to express words and so i let it flow:

oh! my love, for slam poetry, my love for the spoken words, the art, the craft, so carefully designed, connected intertwined.

oh! how i wish my mouth could move, my lips could open, and i proclaim the sweet coordinated words, that slams you in the face like sweat, sweat that runs through the cheeks in the hot summer days.

But, no! yet, i am trapped in my own world, but, God! do i even call it my world. my world? no! it is not my world just because i live in it, i breathe in it, or because, i think, i own it.

i am too protective, no! i am to possessive, i want possess everything i see, i want this, i want that, but no!…

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Touchscreen & Sonnet 43

Update with Temi sarita

Going into a bit of slam poetry, its not a new thing for people to often argue that slam poetry is not ‘the real deal’. some might even call it an amusement, that people are just using words that rhyme to pass a message or might often rely solely on the rhymes that you sometimes get lost in the readers words, often asking yourself what was the message? did i feel, touch, of even hear anything valuable. nevertheless, slam poetry has now been used not just as a narrative, but as a way of passing out valid and more or less vital information that would make you stop, think and wonder if what it seems, is truly what it is.
here is one from  Marshall Davis Jones entitled Touchscreen, that would leave you with a food for thought

Meanwhile for very keen artsy people, why don’t you take a moment…

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